Technology for golf has come in leaps and bounds in the 21st century. In this section we show you some of our favorite items that have helped us to massively change the way we play.

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Contrary to popular belief, golf is not simply hitting a ball as hard as you can and hoping that it doesn’t end up in the sand, water, or trees. Well, that is a big part of it - but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to practicing and reducing your handicap. 
When you want to work on your golf game, you want to make the most of all the gizmos and gadgets you can get your hands on. There are loads of golf accessories you can get (as you already know if you're a regular to the site) but if there’s any gadget, other than a golf club or training aid, that can make a real difference to your game then it has to be a GPS golf watch. It does the same job as a rangefinder, but is conveniently positioned on your wrist and doesn’t need to be carried around.
We tested over 17 different products and spent 23 hours testing to find the best golf laser range finders for mid 2020. Check out who took out the editors choice.