How to Pick the Right Golf Shaft Flex for Me

The correct amount of flex of your golf club will make or break your game, so it’s vital that you know how to choose the right flex. Using golf clubs with the wrong amount of flex can be frustrating and discouraging, so you’ve come to the right place to determine the flex you need. Too many beginners try to learn golf with the wrong clubs. Many people know that the height and weight need to be different depending on the individual, but most skip over the idea of shaft flex. Below we’ll be looking at the different types of flex and how to choose the best for you.

What is a shaft flex?

The flex simply refers to how flexible the shaft of the golf club is. This effects the distance, trajectory, and accuracy. As you bring the golf club down to hit the ball, the shaft flexes to allow a more devastating contact with the ball. This can offer you much better shots for less effort, which is often great for beginners.

However, this does not automatically mean that the more flex equates to better performance. In fact, more flex can actually worsen some golfers’ games. For this reason, you must choose the right amount of flexibility for your golf clubs.

Golf Shaft

Different types of shaft flex available

There is a chart that will help you to determine the correct flex for you, which we will include below. However, the best way to find the ideal flex for you is to attend a professional fitting. If you don’t want to do this, though, don’t forget to refer to this chart to help you make your decision.

Carry Distance (Yards)

Swing Speed (MPH)

Recommended Flex

Under 200

Below 75

Women’s or Senior

200 to 240

75 to 95


240 to 275

95 to 110


Over 275

Over 110

Stiff or Extra Stiff

As we said previously, this chart is merely a recommendation and might not be the most accurate option for you. Now let’s take a look at the different types of flex available to choose from, shall we?


Senior men and women typically have the lowest swing speed as they lose muscle mass and strength as they age. This makes the need for additional flex vital so that their game isn’t affected as much. If seniors don’t use more flex, they’ll suffer from shorter distances and lower trajectories. Additionally, more flex offers more forgiveness which is always valued for senior golfers.


Women tend to have less strength than men and therefore don’t reach as impressive distances and speeds. This means that they can benefit from women’s golf clubs with more flex in the shaft so that their shots can keep up with men.

Having said that, if you’re hitting the ball more than 200 yards off of the tee consistently you don’t need to opt for women’s flex. Instead, you can opt for either senior or regular flex.


Regular flex is the most popular option because it offers just enough flexibility to give the golfer impressive forgiveness, but not enough flex to throw their shots off target. High-handicappers tend to use regular flex because these clubs can help them in their ongoing quest to lower their handicapper.


Alternatively, the stiff flex is another popular option for golfers with a medium to low handicap. Stiffer shafts don’t offer as much forgiveness; however, this doesn’t often matter to golfers with impressive handicaps. If you are prone to jerky swings rather than smooth hits, the stiff flex option can help rectify this.

Extra Stiff

Finally, the extra stiff shaft is only really recommended for low handicappers who have a single handicap. Extra stiff golf clubs are difficult to obtain because they’re not very popular, so if you want to try them out your options are rather limited. Make sure that you only use extra stiff clubs if you’re certain that you can handle them – they’re not at all forgiving and can squander your shots if they’re not right for you

How to find the best golf shaft flex?

how to find the best golf shaft flex
If you don’t want to get a professional fitting for the flex of your golf clubs, there are some alternative methods to ensure that you choose the right option. Take the chart that we mentioned above for reference, and measure your swing speed and carry distance.
You can do this by purchasing a launch monitor which will help you get an accurate reading of your swings.

Most beginners tend to overestimate their speed and distance; however, you must get an accurate picture of your progress so that you know which flex option is best for you. You can even use the launch monitor to monitor your progress after you get the right flex golf clubs for you – we bet you’ll see a great improvement within the first few swings!

Alternatively, you can find a golf club store that allows you to take each club for a test run. Here you’ll be able to get a good feel of how each flex option feels as you use it, which can be the best method of finding your perfect flex.

If there is not one of these stores around your area, you could also rent various clubs with different amounts of flex. This will let you use the clubs for as many shots as you need to make an informed decision. However, the downside is that it might cost more than you want to pay to rent them all out.

Final Say

We hope that this article has given you some insight into the right golf shaft flex for you. There are various options out there for you to try, and there are multiple options for how you can go about finding the best flex for you. Remember that using the correct flex option is vital to improving your game and impressing your golf friends, so don’t rush this decision. 

Whatever you do, don’t overestimate yourself! What might hurt your ego will improve your performance on the course, so suck it up and get practicing!