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Navigating the game of golf can be hard at times, there’s plenty of things I wish I knew and somewhere I could get the answers. Need to know what shaft flex is right for you? Trying to find quick wins to improve your game? Check out our guides to help you navigate the game of golf.

How Many Degrees is a Sand Wedge? What is the Correct Loft Introduction Every golfer should have a sand wedge in their club set in the event that they find themselves in a bunker and, since you’re here, we’re assuming you’re interested in finding out more about them. Whether it’s a precaution or because you’ve
The correct amount of flex of your golf club will make or break your game, so it's vital that you know how to choose the right flex. Using golf clubs with the wrong amount of flex can be frustrating and discouraging, so you've come to the right place to determine the flex you need. 
Any golfer worth their salt knows that the mechanics behind your swing can make or break the game. However, making sure your posture is correct and carrying out each individual stage of your swing perfectly is only half of the battle.
New to golf? Before you step foot on the course, you'll need to get your head around some basic rules, first!  Whether you plan on playing for fun, or you want to attend a golf tournament as a spectator and want to understand what's going on, make sure you're familiar with the basic rules of golf etiquette with our simple to follow cheat sheet. 
Both the size and quality of a grip are important factors, suggested to increase your accuracy and comfort as you play, and some are even made to relieve chronic pain issues such as arthritis, which could prevent you from swinging at your best.
Your hands are the only part of your body that touch the golf club, so, needless to say, how you hold your club dictates your swing and stance, and to some extent, your entire game. However, it can take some time to figure the best grip for your swing style, and vice versa. Ultimately, if your grip doesn’t feel right or natural, it may be something you need to look at. Many golfers go their entire careers looking for the best grip technique for them, and many frequently try out new ones. While it can be difficult to change your grip, it can also be exciting and you may be surprised at how much it can influence your gameplay.
Links courses hold a special place in golfers’ hearts because of the unique play style they offer. No two Links courses are the same, as the focus when creating these courses is to preserve the natural features of the surrounding areas, just as they did with the early golf courses. This results in Link courses often having uneven fairways, deep bunkers, and steep inclines. These complex conditions, that differ from course to course, mean that every game on a Links course is unique, full of surprises, and should challenge every area of a golfer’s game.