Golf Clubs are changing every year and navigating those changes can at times be difficult to manage. In this section we show you some of our favorite clubs and what you should be looking for when buying a new golf club

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Golf has often been regarded as a man’s game, but if the work of Lexi Thompson, Michelle Wie, and Danielle Kang is anything to go by, it looks as though women are taking over and dominating the sport. Now that we’ve acknowledged our power, we need a driver that can live up to our mean swing. 
If you’re a golfer with a high handicap with only a few rounds on the fairway under your belt, you might be hearing people advise you to add a fairway wood to your golf club set. But why?
The best thing about golf is that it doesn’t have an age limit! Whether you’re an experienced player planning on teaching your grandchildren how to play, or your Saturdays are spent honing your technique with your friends, Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout all the days of your life.
Contrary to popular belief, golf is not simply hitting a ball as hard as you can and hoping that it doesn’t end up in the sand, water, or trees. Well, that is a big part of it - but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to practicing and reducing your handicap. 
Regardless of ability, buying yourself a quality set of irons that suit your game is essential. Not only will they help to strengthen your weak areas, but they will also work to enhance your natural ability while out on the golf course, and who wouldn’t want that? 
Golf courses are continuing to grow, hence why it is for mid handicappers to ensure that they are getting the full potential from their driver. It is not overwhelmingly common for all golfers to reach the stage of a mid handicapper and therefore it is necessary to invest in the best driver that is going to take your performance to the next level.
No matter how good you are out on the golf course, there is always room for improvement and many golfers chase this with their arms outstretched. Everyone wants a lower handicap, even low handicappers themselves. This is why game improvement irons are so sought after and, when manufactured correctly, so beneficial to golfers. 
The golf market is certainly a competitive one, with so many manufacturers competing for your purchase. Of course, because the market is competitive, there are a lot of different drivers out there that are geared towards senior golfers.
The amount of women who are taking up golfing is growing daily. Coinciding with this, manufacturers have responded by creating golf clubs that are specifically catered to women. Whether you are just starting out, or you're an experienced golfer, having the right golf clubs to hand is very important and highly influential upon how you perform on the green. However, due to the increase in demand for women's golf clubs, the market is becoming much broader, making the task of finding the best golf clubs slightly more challenging. 
So you’ve decided it’s time to get a new set of golfing irons to help improve your game - fantastic! A decent set of irons can massively improve your game, which can certainly be useful for a senior who’s game isn’t quite what it used to be. It’s definitely beneficial to get a set of irons that will aid your constantly changing game.
Introducing your kids to the golf course is a great way to spend time with them outdoors in their school holidays – fresh air and quality time. But if you have them trying to golf with your clubs they could really struggle, and if you have them playing with less than optimum equipment, they won’t thank you for it.
Navigating buying a new golf club set doesn't have to be hard. We've gone over the top golf club sets for beginners to help you get your game under par!
Everyone goes through the intermediate phase, where they’re no longer a beginner, but not yet as good as they know they can be. That’s as true in golf as it is in any other great endeavor. There’s no shame in intermediate golf. But if you’re in the intermediate zone and you want to get better and lower your handicap, there are club sets that can help you.
A driver’s one of the more straightforward things to wrap your head around. It’s the club which involves around 70% of the drama that is golf. You get your drive shots right, you’re going to be a better golfer in a big, big hurry.
Whether you’re a golfer who’s new to the game or you’re trying to build your confidence back up out on the course, the addition of a high-handicap hybrid in your bag is guaranteed to make a huge difference to your game.
The driver provides the most distance of any golf club in the bag and is, therefore, one of the most important components of your game. 
The sport of golf is very popular among men and women, and just because you reach a mature age doesn’t mean that you have to hang up your clubs for good. As long as you want to play, you can! You may just need to choose a different set of golf clubs to better suit your new style of play.
If you’re the parent of a teenager crazy about golf, we’re sure you’re familiar with the frustrating feeling of being unsure of which clubs are the best choice for your junior player! Though your budding golfer may feel ready to step up to adult clubs, unfortunately, they still have a little way to go before they’re properly ready to take them on.
A center shafted putter is a favored choice amongst many golfers. The design allows for greater alignment with more stability in each stroke. This style of putter tends to require less effort to achieve your target with an improved performance and lower scores.
Do you have a slice problem? Plenty of golfers do, and there are several reasons why when you hit a golf ball, instead of the arcing straight trajectory you imagined, it rockets left or right.
If you’re a high handicap golfer, there can be any number of reasons behind it. You may not have time to spend lowering your handicap. You may simply enjoy the hobby-play and not want to golf at a higher level. All of which is fine. But if you want to lower your handicap, there are clubs that can help you get your numbers down. What do you need to look for?
A lot of those mid handicap golfers will stay in the mid-zone the rest of their lives. But some are determined to drive, stroke and putt their way down to the realms of low handicap golf. And if that’s you, every imaginable company has a secret to sell, a gizmo or a gimmick to help you get better. That’s never more true than in the market for iron clubs.
Much is written about the best drivers, irons, and hybrids for beginners.  But it's important that the humble putter isn’t overlooked.  The putter has an important role to play too.  And when you’re a beginner you haven’t had anywhere near as much practice as some of your fellow players, so it’s all the more important that you use the best performing gear at your disposal to give you that much needed head start. 
To iron or not to iron? That is the question. It’s maybe not a classic question. It’s probably not going to rock the ages with its philosophical wonder, but this is golf, not philosophy, and it is actually a relevant question when you’re starting out.
A sand wedge is one of the most essential clubs used in golf, despite being most commonly overlooked, it is regularly opted for by professionals who are looking to better their shot.