Best Hybrid for High Handicapper [Early 2021]

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Whether you’re a golfer who’s new to the game or you’re trying to build your confidence back up out on the course, the addition of a high-handicap hybrid in your bag is guaranteed to make a huge difference to your game.

Offering dual characteristics between an iron and a wood, hybrids are easy to hit and often have large, forgiving heads, making them brilliant to have at your disposal when trying to achieve better hits from poor lies or difficult angles.

When it comes to selecting the correct model to benefit the high handicapper, the best hybrids will erase the fear of hitting low-lofted clubs off the ground, bring enjoyment back into your game and lead to a better scorecard overall.

However, with so much choice available on the market, it can be hard to figure out which hybrid is best for you! So, to help you make a decision, we have selected our top 5 favorite hybrids tailored to benefit the high handicapper’s game, as well as including a helpful buyer’s guide area to help you make the most informed choice possible. 

In a hurry? Achieve better accuracy and greater distance with our top pick:

Available in 8 different lofts and very affordable, the Excel EGI Hybrid Golf Club is widely considered to be one of the best Hybrids in the industry! No matter the loft you select, this hybrid from Pinemeadow features an even balance of weight throughout the entire clubhead that is able to create a huge sweet spot, while the shape of the clubhead makes it versatile enough to be used across various lies and areas of the course.

Here’s what sets the EGI Hybrid apart from the rest:

  • This hybrid has been specifically designed to balance weight throughout the entire club head in order to allow for a huge sweet spot that is very forgiving on mis-hits. 
  • Thanks to the shape of the clubhead, this versatile club can be used to take various shots around the course, even on from those trickier lies.
  • It features the high-performing Pinemeadow Graphite shaft and stainless steel clubhead to deliver the best combination expected from a hybrid.
  •  It comes with a headcover to protect your club while it is being transported around the course, and to keep it safe from dust and dirt when not in use.

All in all? If you are looking for a solid and reliable hybrid without spending too much money, you won’t regret adding the Pinemeadow Excel HGI Hybrid to your collection – it will be a useful addition to anyone’s golf bag!

Our Reviews

Editors Choice

Pinemeadow Golf Men's Excel EGI Hybrid Club, Graphite, 36-Degree, 8, Regular, Right Hand

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Looking for a hybrid that will get the job done without any frills? The Pinemeadow Excel HGI Hybrid very well might be the hybrid for you.

Though the hybrid market is evergrowing,  the Pine Meadow Golf Excel EGI Hybrid Golf Club continues to be a bestselling mainstay for a number of reasons. Not only it is super affordable, but it offers all of the benefits you would expect from a hybrid, as well as some additional features that have turned this Pinemeadow hybrid into a longstanding favorite of golfers around the world.

For starters, it features a low profile club face which enables players to execute longer ranged shots, as well as achieving a higher ball flight with each swing (regardless of your individual swing speed) for shots that cover a consistently longer distance and better trajectory.

Its shaft is built of Pinemeadow hybrid graphite, making it lighter but durable, while its slender and strategically designed club head is able to enhance its flexibility, meaning that you can use this hybrid at any point in the course, regardless of tricky the shot is!

Additionally, the hybrid sports a regular flex and a loft of 32 degrees, which is ideal for a high handicapper because this hybrid will help to deliver a higher launch with each shot, as well as a better flight trajectory. Not only that, but this hybrid also comes with its own durable headcover to keep it protected from the rain or while you’re transporting it – Pinemeadow has covered all bases.


  • The price is affordable and offers great value for your money
  • Higher ball flight, longer-ranged shots due to its low profile clubface design 
  • Very versatile thanks to its flexible clubhead 


  • More experienced golfers may find this club to be too basic

Best Value

2018 Cobra King F8 3 Hybrid Nardo (Men's, Right Hand, Graphite, Reg Flex,)

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Another excellent hybrid for the high handicapper is the Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Hybrid.

To begin, a patented Baffler Rail design has been designed within the F8 to give you more confidence when navigating through various points of the course. Thanks to this design, this allows for faster and more forgiving rails that are positioned around the club’s center of gravity, which helps to reduce twisting at impact for better stability and consistency.

During a game, this feature will come in handy and allow you to adjust your loft by making the rails more shallow or steep depending on your launch angle and the condition of the area of the course you are about to take a shot.

Helping you to maneuver your way through those tricky lies with ease, its innovative crown aero trips (made of polymer that are 10% lighter than Titanium), are better able to optimize aerodynamic performance for faster speeds and increased distances, allowing the weight to maintain a low CG (center of gravity) for faster clubhead speeds overall.

Plus, thanks to the lowered skirt, the center of gravity is positioned lower and further back to deliver improved launches and better trajectories, while the 455 stainless steel face flex works to achieve increased ball speeds and distance across all points of the face. If you’re a high handicapper looking for an improved game all round, you won’t regret adding this hybrid to your collection.


  • The multi-directional crown aero-innovative polymer trips are positioned around the clubhead to improve drag reduction and to generate more speed
  • For maximum carry distance, the CG is positioned towards the back and lower down
  • The Baffler rail System allows you to use shallow or steeper rails depending on the loft for maximum versatility


  • Some golfers have found that the black matte paint can chip after a few uses

Brand New Player

Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Hybrid, Right Hand, Synergy, 60G Shaft, Regular Flex, 3 Hybrid, 19 Degrees

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

If you’re on the hunt for a hybrid that is going to be able to improve your speed and distance, we recommend the Callaway Golf 2018 Men’s Rogue Hybrid.

Specifically designed to improve flight trajectory, the Callaway Rogue Hybrid features Jailbreak Technology, which consists of two steel bars connecting the crown and sole of the clubhead to stiffen the body. By doing this, more impact load is placed onto the face to encourage more speed and a longer flight path.

Including an ultra-thin face combined with Callaway’s Face Cup Technology, the Rogue Hybrid contains a 455 stainless steel face flex to ensure that speed is maintained across the face, while the proprietary internal standing wave positions the CG lower and forward to ensure a high and easy launch.

Our favorite feature of this nifty hybrid is its Speed Step technology which consists of a ridge etched into the crown of the hybrid. By including this feature, the Callaway Rogue is able to offer more efficient aerodynamics, which in turn increases the club’s speed by reducing drag and wind resistance. 


  • A big sweet spot 
  • The Speed Step Technology increases the clubhead speed
  • Affordable option for those on a budget


  • Some users find that this club can create too much loft

Most Versatile

Adams Golf Tight Lies 5 Hybrid Clubs, Right Hand, Senior Flex

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Combining years of hybrid development experience with a variety of features tailored to enhancing a high handicapper’s game, the Adams Golf Tight Lies Hybrid Club is easy to use and ensures success out on the course.

This hybrid has 2 standout features. The first is the low-profile, upside-down design which has been specifically created to allow for a larger impact area that is low in the face, ensuring better consistency when hitting, allowing for increased speed, distance, and a more accurate trajectory.

The ghost slot technology is the second standout feature! It delivers out of sight performance by concealing the crown and allowing the face to float from the body of the club. This simple function boosts the ball’s speed while increasing the forgiveness of the club.

Meanwhile, its Tri-level sole is designed to minimize the interaction between turf and club. This works to improve the performance from all types of lies, making it a very versatile hybrid that can be used from multiple launch angles. One thing’s for sure: with all these game-enhancing features combined, this hybrid can take on just about any challenge the course throws at it.


  • Ghost Slot tech gives it high accuracy and great ball speeds
  • A very versatile club that can be used for all types of shots and from many different lies
  • Mis-hits are rare due to how forgiving it is


  • As this hybrid is so light and easy to swing, those with a stronger swing might find themselves hitting the ball too far

Easiest to Hit

TaylorMade M4 Hybrid (3-19, Regular Flex, Right Hand)

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Our take

Last but not least we have the TaylorMade’s M4 hybrid, which is a versatile and dynamic club that will ensure an easy launch,  satisfying feel, and a more consistent performance overall.

Improving upon pasts models, the M4’s head contains two internal mass pads that have been separated between the heel and toe to increase the moment of inertia, leading to increased clubhead speeds. The shape of the clubhead is forgiving and able to handle a variety of launch angles with ease, making it a reliable hybrid that can be used around the course – from both good and bad lies!

To instill you with confidence, the two-tone crown provides a helping hand at address, acting as a visual aid for proper alignment, while the low center of gravity positioned towards the front ensures an easy launch and higher trajectory.

Additionally, TaylorMade’s signature Speed Pocket has been lengthened in the M4 Hybrid to increase flexibility and distance across the face. This is ideal for a high handicapper because it means that it will be able to help preserve ball speed on shots hit low on the face, meaning that maximum distance will be achieved even if you mis-hit.

Our verdict? The M4 rescue is a great choice for high handicappers because it’s easy to play and easy to launch for all types of shots on the golf course. Don’t be surprised if it becomes your new go-to golf club!


  • Its clever speed pocket in the sole extends itself across the clubface to improve forgiveness, even on mis-hits.
  • The oversized clubhead ensures a low and deep CG to produce a higher launch upon impact with the ideal amount of spin
  • Stylish and professional design


  • Some users find the oversized clubhead to be too bulky

Buyers Guide


The first indicator of an excellent hybrid is how much forgiveness it offers. A hybrid that is able to offer more forgiveness is an important feature for beginners and high handicappers alike because, high handicappers in particular, often find themselves having inconsistencies when trying to hit the sweet spot. Therefore, by replacing any long irons you have in your golf bag (that often have less forgiveness and are harder to achieve successful shots with), you will be able to enjoy the benefit of better mishits that land closer to the green which still allows you to save par, rather than hitting the ball completely off-trajectory and in turn, gaining a higher score!

A lower center of gravity

No matter your golfing experience, your swing speed is always going to be a key factor in determining how quickly you get the ball up and off the ground and into the air. As a general rule of thumb, the higher your swing speed, the easier it will be to launch a ball high and flying down its intended trajectory.

However, this can be certainly easier said than done, especially if you’re a high handicapper! This is because those who fall into this category tend to struggle to achieve a high swing speed. However, though this does pose a challenge, having a hybrid that offers a lower CG (center of gravity) can make all the difference. A hybrid design allows weight to be placed lower and further from the face which overall helps get the ball up quickly, which in turn allows for a faster, more accurate shot that covers better distance.

More Shaft Flex

Next up we’re going to be talking about the shaft flex and why it impacts the high handicapper’s game! When it comes to standing at address, the shaft flex plays a large role in creating the ideal angle at which the ball leaves the clubface at impact, which is known as the launch angle. When you achieve the ideal launch angle, you achieve maximum distance.

If your club offers too much flex, you may find that the ball may go too high or end up slicing by veering too far to the left (if you’re a right-hand golfer). On the other hand, when you have too little flex, you can find that, upon impact, the ball is not able to gain the height needed to cover a considerable distance, leading to the ball falling short from the intended target. 

Sometimes when shopping for a hybrid, golfers can make the mistake of overestimating their swing speed and picking a club that is too stiff, which more often than not leads to the club working against them rather than with them, as the shaft flex is too low and unable to help boost the launch angle. So, if you’re a high handicapper, it’s likely that you have a slower swing speed than average, so we recommend going for a hybrid club that offers more shaft flex because it will help to enhance your natural ability and achieve the ideal launch angle, which will allow you to enjoy lower scores as you consistently achieve maximum distance from your shots.

The Loft

In general, you’re going to be able to achieve greater control and consistency over your shots with lower loft values. As well as this,  it’s worth noting that you can use the loft of the hybrid to help you decide which hybrid to purchase in replacement of certain irons that you already own. For example, hybrids that feature a loft anywhere between 20 to 24 degrees will make superb replacements for a 3-iron, while a hybrid with a 17-degree loft would make a great replacement for your 5-wood, and so on.

Golf Club Set FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

Just like the name implies, a hybrid is a type of golf club that has the characteristics and performance of both an iron and a wood.


Traditional long irons (we’re talking 1, 2, 3, and 4 irons) are often pretty hard to consistently hit well with (even the most experienced players have trouble with them!). In particular,  1 and 2 irons are notorious for being difficult to achieve a clean, airborne shot, which is why they tend to only be used by leading players in the game.

This is where hybrid clubs come in! They were created to serve as a more forgiving alternative to longer irons, and are specifically designed to help achieve shots that offer maximum distance, speed, and trajectory.  Essentially, what you’re getting when you purchase a hybrid is a short shafted, high loft fairway wood that offers a higher MOI or moment of inertia than an iron would.

Another fantastic, standout feature of a hybrid is the lower center of gravity. The bigger size of a hybrid allows the center of gravity to be positioned farther from the face. When the center of gravity is located lower and farther back, the higher trajectory you will get. In other words, if you were to compare an iron and hybrid with identical lofts, the hybrid will get the ball up in the air on a higher trajectory, while the iron would be more likely to achieve a lower trajectory.

It’s entirely up to you, your confidence, and your personal preference! If you have a 2, 3, or 4 iron in your bag, you should definitely be looking to switch these to hybrids as they are known for being difficult to use. On the other hand, if you have a 5, 6, or 7 iron, you may wish to keep these – although this comes down to your personal abilities and level of experience. Regardless of your experience level, if you struggle with hitting any of these consistently, we recommend swapping them for a hybrid.

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