Best Golf Training Aids Review Early 2021

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Golf is the game of all games. It includes elements of chess, ballet, shooting and war. Physics and math and motion and passion.

It has an elegance, a power, a precision and a fanatical attention to gizmos the like of which you won’t otherwise see outside Comic-Con.

But the golfer’s obsession with gizmos and gadgets arises from the utterly mind-boggling complexity of the game.

There is so much that can go wrong in golf, the miracle is that any round ever gets finished.

Hooks, slices, mis-hits, divots, dunes, the plop of a shot into water, the little while spent searching for a ball hit into deep rough, and so much more.

That means there’s a thriving industry in gizmos to help you improve almost every aspect of your game.

Who can you trust to tell you what’s what?

Grab your golf bag. We’ve got you covered.

In a hurry? Here’s our top pick.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf training aids, and answered some questions that will help expand your knowledge of the game. After reading our guide, you’ll have everything you need to step up on the first tee and smash the ball down the fairway.

Our Reviews

Editors Choice

Putt-A-Bout Grassroots Par Three Putting Green (9-feet x 3-feet)
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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

It would be inaccurate to say that putting is the bane of every golfer’s life.

Every single shot has the capacity to be the bane of every golfer’s life.

But something about the coup de grace intensity of putting makes it a particular pain to a whole lot of golfers.

That’s where the Putt-A-Bout Par Three Putting Green can help you.

Like most of life’s best ideas, it’s relatively simple. It’s an artificial turf putting mat which you lay in your living room, office, or other convenient space to turn that space into a putting green.

Gone is the old practice of putting across carpet into paper cups. You never learned proper putting technique from putting on carpet into cups, because neither the motion across the surface nor the behavior of the ball around a hole was the same.

The Putt-A-Bout though gives you the sensation – and more importantly the reaction – you can expect of exquisitely manicured putting greens. As such, it can genuinely help you to better putting. 

Here’s the thing. There are plenty of putting training mats on the market. Most of them though are basic, and rectangular, with a single hole to aim for. They’re useful until you’ve managed to sink the same putt seven thousand times, the last thousand with your eyes closed and standing on one leg for variety.

But the real world situation of putting probably isn’t on a rectangular green, and by design, almost every green you come across will have different characteristics.

To be a real aid to putting, you need the variety to train yourself in various types of putts.

The Putt-A-Bout has three separate targets set in an inclined area at the far end of the mat, so you can train yourself in the grip, stance and power requirements for putting left, right and longer than expected.

It also trains you to judge the power you’ll need to deal with a last second incline – because those are always so much fun to encounter in live play.

Because the whole mat is elevated, the holes are genuine holes rather than raised lips, so the action of the ball around them is accurate to the way it behaves on a real green.

And in case you badly misjudge the power of your putt, there are a couple of ‘sand-trap’ cut outs just before the end of the mat, so you’re not chasing golf balls all over the place.

Made of a PET resin base with a non-slip backing, the Putt-A-Bout is sturdy enough to stand on, and covered with a realistic close-crop-feel synthetic grass to mimic real putting conditions.

While it’s only 3 feet x 9 feet, it can help train – or regularly re-train – the muscles, the reactions and the eye you need for confident putting. And of course, as an indoor aid, you can use it all year round to keep your putting supple and responsive when you can’t get to the course – and when there’s nothing riding on the result of your putt.

The variety of aid the Putt-A-Bout can give your putting game, its portability and the thought that’s gone into creating an aid that can keep your muscle memory supple during off-course times is what makes the Putt-A-Bout our top pick for best golf training aid on the market.


  • Easy to deploy and start practicing
  • Three holes, to vary the training the aid can deliver
  • Slight incline before the holes, so as to replicate a tricky reality on some greens
  • Handy ball-saving holes at the end of the mat
  • Space-efficient training aid for year-round putting practice


  •  If anything, the incline in the mat is too slight to be of much incline-training help
  • Check the surface on which you lay the mat. Hardwood floors can sometimes lead to less smoothness in the putts you make

Best Value

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Warm-Up Stick, 48 Inch
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Our take

The perfect golf swing is all about getting the tempo right. Usually, the rule is that your backswing should take three times as long as your downswing, to deliver speed, power and focus to the ball, to get it where you want to go.

But tempo in golf is like peak performance in athletics. Go in cold, and you’re unlikely to get the best results immediately. You need to warm up your muscles, get your body moving fluidly and fluently. In golf, it’s oddly difficult to do that warm-up without a specialized warm-up tool.

Whereas in athletics, you can stretch unaided, in golf, warming up your tempo without a club in your hand can be extra-difficult and if you’re not very careful, can lead you to fall down. A lot.

The SKLZ Gold Flex Tempo Training Aid can stop you falling down.

That’s not quite how it’s advertised, but the effect is the same. It can warm you up, train you in achieving peak tempo, and improve the swing you have every time you use it. All without a driver in your hand and the ever-present risk of knocking passers-by unconscious.

The Tempo Training Aid brings innovation to its aims – it’s a counterweighted, flexible shaft with a ball on the end.  The counterweighting and stiffness in the flexible shaft help you practice your swing, improving your tempo by the combination of the weight, the stiffness, the flex and a pronounced kick in the swing.

That means you can loosen up and speed up your tempo before you get to the course. But an extra bonus is that you can take the Tempo Training Aid in your golf bag for practice. That’s totally legal, so long as you don’t use them while your round is actually ongoing.

Helping golfers find their rhythm, their swing-tempo, as a warm up and practice tool will improve the game of many. That’s why it scores so highly on our list.


  • Counterweighting helps to judge your swing-tempo
  • The kick in the swing, helps you bring your tempo up
  • Legal to take with you in your golf bag
  • Simple, effective warm-up and practice tool


  • This shaft might be too rigid and off-putting for those with slower swing-speeds.

Brand New Player

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer - Perfect Your Golf Putting (White)
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Our take

Bored watching commercials? Stuck at home during a worldwide pandemic and can’t get to the putting green? Skills and muscle memory wasting away day by day?

You’re going to need the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer.

What’s the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer, we hear you ask.  

It’s a highly portable, suitably small ramp you can use at home to keep your putting game up to…erm…par.

The steepness of the ramp in the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is what makes it unique in the putting practice world. Even the list-leading Putt-A-Bout has drawn some criticism for the gentleness of the incline it deploys to represent the real world of tough putts.

The PuttOut is a putting tool you have to attack with some power, because if you don’t get the ball at least halfway up the slope, you’re getting another stroke added to your imaginary practice stroke-total.

Putting is like arm curls or leg curls. The more you do it, the more repetitively you can nail the technique, the better and more reliable a put-sinker you’ll become.

Having a regular practice tool at home means you can practice all year round without ever setting foot on a golf course. It also means that when you do get back to the green, your muscle memory can be properly trained to it’s second nature.

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is designed to train you to hit a putt hard enough to go 17 inches past a flat hole, so as to get up the slope.

That means you’ll approach putting with more power and purpose, tackle inclines with more confidence, and sink more of the putts that come your way on the first shot.

There’s little about the PuttOut that’s nuanced or sophisticated (least of all its name), so you won’t practice curved putts on it. But for difficult straight power putts, the PuttOut is the home-time trainer you need.


  • Steep slope, to train you in more aggressive putting
  • Trains you in the straight putts that are many golfers’ downfall
  • Builds confidence by freeing you to hit putts harder
  • Regular putting practice builds muscle memory
  • Easily portable for putting practice anywhere


  • You could argue the PuttOut trains you to miss putts on flat greens by overpowering as standard

Most Versatile

SKLZ Golf Tempo & Grip Trainer for Right-Handed Golfers
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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Our second tempo trainer to make the list is also the second SKLZ aid to beat the competition.

The SKLZ Golf Tempo Trainer is actually two aids in one – it can help you with your swing-tempo with both your irons and woods, by having a sequence of weights on the end, which can be changed to replicate the weight of different clubs.

And in addition, it’s a grip trainer, guiding your hands to the right positions each time you swing it, with whatever weight attached.

Tempo is a known source of potential error in golf swings, but the importance of grip is sometimes underplayed. The SKLZ trainer tackles both issues in one handy device.

As with the other SKLZ tempo trainer, this one lets you practice at home alone without the necessity of a lot of other equipment, and will also warm you up prior to any round, so you’re supple, swinging at the tempo you should have, instinctively reminded of correct grip positions and have re-invigorated muscle memory before you head to the tee.


  • Adjustable weight means the trainer can replicate both woods and irons
  • Integral grip trainer makes this two training aids in one
  • Warms up any golfer before they hit the tee
  • Practice at home or before your round


  • One weakness, but a big one – at present, this is only available for right-handed golfers.

Our take

And now for something completely different. Different and very 21st century – the SelfieGOLF Record Golf Analyzer.

A picture paints a thousand words, they say. Sometimes, no matter how much, or in how much detail, you’re told what you need to do to adjust your golf swing, you won’t get it till you can see it.

The SelfieGOLF Analyzer helps you see it, and from there, you can start to change your stance, your swing, your address, just as you need to.

Clip the Analyzer to your alignment stick, video selfie yourself during the shots that give you the most trouble – and finally see where it is you’re going wrong.

On the principle that a pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure, with video evidence of how you make the swings and putts you do, the SelfieGOLF Analyzer can save you a lot of initial golf coach time and money.


  • Simple to attach
  • Gives you video evidence of where your issues are
  • Lets you understand your issues in a visual way
  • Could potentially save you golf coach money


  •  It’s a clip. Really, that’s what you get with this product – a way of attaching your phone to a convenient stick

Buyers Guide

There are lots of ways to improve your golf at home, at the office, or in a cabin in the woods.

Because there’s so very much that can go wrong between the tee and the putt, there are lots of aids on the market to help improve one or more areas of your play. That means there are a few things to consider before you buy.

Prioritize Your Golfing Weaknesses

Which area of your golf do you need most help with?

No, really, if you had to choose, which would it be?

We ask just so that you don’t fill your home with gadgets, gizmos, bits of occasionally-used or barely remembered plastic, only some of which will actually help you improve your particular golf game.

If you’re a fairly experienced golfer of course, the need for golfing aids tends to shift from ‘improving what you can do’ to ‘practicing and keeping the muscle memory alive’ so for more experienced golfers, there’s more reason to get a few very specific aids to keep your tempo up, keep your swing swift and keep your putting perfect.

But if you’re just starting out, focus. Improve one area of your gameplay at a time, because a houseful of gadgets stops feeling like help, and can easily start to feel like clutter.

Go Only As High-Tech As You Need

Don’t necessarily assume that the most technology-heavy aid is the best one to get. Choose the aid or aids which most consistently address your specific golfing issues, whether it’s swing-tempo, grip, stance, hardcore putting or anything else.

Buy the aids that speak to you and your golfing experience, rather than just the most high-tech solution on the market.

Go Hassle-Light

If you have to spend half an hour assembling, unrolling, smoothing out or revving up a golf aid, forget about it. The point about golf aids is that you can make using them a part – an unobtrusive part – of your daily routine or your pre-round warm-up.

All the aids on our list are super simple to use, even in spare moments, and gain some assistance in your golf play. Golf is many things, but it’s supposed, first and foremost to be fun. If an aid actually becomes a chore, it’s time to ditch it and move on.

Golf Training Aid FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

Tricky. Our list gives you the best we can find, but ultimately the best golf aid on the market is the one that helps you deal with your particular golfing weakness. Work out what that is (ironically, the SelfieGOLF Analyzer can help you with that), and look for aids that address that specific part of golf play.

Tempo is an important element in getting the golf swing you need, time after time. It’s not something that’s mentioned as often as things like address, or hook, or slice. But it can make the difference between a poor shot and a good one, and between a good shot and a great one. While there are inexpensive tempo trainers on the market, why wouldn’t you optimize your tempo by practicing at home and warming up before your round?

Putting’s the point in golf where flamboyance has to give way to steely nerves and focus. As such, it can be many golfers’ weak spot. If you don’t let it be yours, you’re ahead of a lot of golfers out there. That’s why people use putting aids – to give themselves an edge at the sharp end of the game.