The Best Golf Grips For Drivers [Early 2021]

Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport and pastime, with millions across the world enjoying honing their precision, swinging power and short game. It’s a game where a seemingly infinite number of possibilities have to be considered and an even greater number of distractions have to be ruled out before you even take your first swing. 

When looking for a golf grip, there are numerous factors that have to be considered: how soft and comfortable is the rubber grip to hold? How comfortable and relaxed does it make your swing? How much of the shock from the ball hitting the clubface should it absorb? Bearing these questions in mind should inform what purchase you ultimately end up making.

Drivers are an essential part of a golfers kit bag, as they are responsible for getting the ball across the green the furthest and in the quickest time. Accuracy and precision technology is extremely important in getting a decent driver, as it is the only medium through which the golfer interacts with the ball.

One of the important factors in a driver is the grip, as they help absorb the shock of the ball hitting the club, giving you decent feedback from the ball to the golfer. With a responsive grip, you can know whether your hit was decent or not, as well as where you might have done wrong and how to improve your swing.

But what is the most important factor when looking for a new grip for your club? Will a grip with increased traction fundamentally alter your perfected swing? How much can you be looking to spend of a top-of-the-range golf grip?

Well, never fear wannabe golf pros and golfing amateurs, we have some answers to your swing related questions with our top list of some of the best golf grips currently on the market. We also have a handy buyer’s guide which should shed some light on the do’s and don’ts when it comes to golf grips and some frequently asked questions by golfers looking to improve their game.

So before you grab a caddy and hit the range, sit down and have a look at our selection of the top-rated golf grips.

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Editors Choice

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 0.580 Golf Grips
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Our take

First up is a golf grip that comes extremely highly rated on Amazon, one that all but guarantees a smooth swing and a greater sense of comfort.

When it comes to high-performance, comfort is a key factor, otherwise, you increase your chances of missing that important tee-off – introducing the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Golf Grip.

This grip comes in a range of different sizes, ranging from standard, standard-ribbed, midsize and jumbo – it accommodates the hand span of most golfers. This golf grip is tour-standard and utilizes the very best in golfing technology to give you that smooth hit and follow-through.

The surface of this 100% rubber handle is completely non-slip, giving you the assurance of a sturdy grip, especially useful if you are playing in poor weather conditions or you suffer from overly-sweaty hands.

Stand-out features include

  • Promotes an excellent smooth feel with a lightly ribbed texture that increases the purchase of the club. This is a club that can be used by both amateurs and professionals on the course.
  • For that assured trajectory and driving power, you’ll need a grip that gives you the maximum level of control over the head of your glove. The Tour Velvet is just that – it gives you a silky smooth hold with a tour-standard level of performance.
  • A tacky surface that will hold the golf-gloved hand hard to the club, but will also let you adjust yourself and your stance whilst addressing the ball.

Best Value

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip, Standard, Gray
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Our take

Next up we have a golf grip that comes in a wide range of colors, making it perfect for that golfer who loves that added flair on the course.

It also comes in an array of grip sizes and diameters, which makes it perfectly adaptable for golfers of varying hand sizes, giving them a smooth and confident swing no matter what the weather – introducing the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 New Decade MultiCompound Golf Grip.

Many cheaper versions of this golf grip can result in the grip coming loose or gathering moisture in the gap during play.

The Golf Pride MCC suffers no such issue, firmly securing to the metal housing of the golf club, this grip allows you the relax the pressure on your hand, particularly helpful for senior golfers using drivers.

The hybrid grip provides unique handling, the upper section of the grip is made from brushed cotton cord and gives the grip its stability, whilst the lower portion creates a soft rubber compound that creates a smoother feel.

Stand-out features include

  • The manufacturer boasts a 4.6% increase in the outside diameter for the lower hand which increases the overall stability and control of the club in general. With this extensive power over your driver, you can expect a much-improved performance when it comes to tournaments.
  • The super-smooth grip is water and sweat-resistant, so you can step onto the course confident that the club won’t slide out of your hand during those all-important tee-off shots.
  • The stability of the multi-compound handle makes this one of the most comfortable and controllable grips currently available on the market.
  • This product comes highly rated by sellers and users alike, which is a testament to the professional standard of the build quality and the overall design.

Brand New Player

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Golf is certainly a game in which you have to calculate your moment precisely, shutting out so many distractions and focussing your attention on the essentials of grip, trajectory, stance and power.

This golf grip will certainly help you to focus on the grip aspect, with anti-slip technology and an ultra-light grip that won’t result in twisting during a shot – introducing the Winn Dritac Golf Grips.

With an extra cushioned feel and a thick diameter running throughout the grip, you can be assured of a fluid arch and follow-through, the sturdy rubber body absorbing most of the shock of the ball as it hits the clubface.

This midsize grip will be more than enough for your average golf player, the lightweight body comes in at 49g, making it something you can carry with you anywhere. The texture of the grip increases the accuracy of your shot, allowing you to handle and wield your driver over multiple shots, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Stand-out features include

  • Manufactured from a polymer material, this grip is incredibly durable and can be handled in the most extreme of weather conditions over the course of days without perishing.
  • The look of this grip is colorful and stylish, perfect for those who want to make an impact even before they’ve taken their first swing on the course.
  • The thicker diameter will allow for a much more even-handed grip along the length of the handle, the top end being thicker, you will be able to manipulate the torque of the club a lot easier, steadying it to prevent those cuts that might send your ball hurtling into the scrub!

Most Versatile

Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip, Standard, White/Black
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Our take

Next up we have a very snazzy golf grip that will certainly get tongues wagging as soon as you step onto the course, but don’t worry, this golf grip has as much substance as it does style.

This specially-surfaced pattern does offer an increased level of control and comfort, the tacky surface will ensure that you have a smooth stroke as soon as you address the ball – introducing the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Golf Grip.

The 360 design is what makes this model of golf grip stand out from your more traditional design. The patterning conceals a highly grooved surface that will make sure your golf glove or bare hand is stuck firm, giving you that large degree of maneuverability over your clubhead.

When it comes to orienting the shaft of your club, this grip will surely help. The fact that the grooves run all across the surface means that you can shift your stance and your clubhead with relative ease without having to worry about placing your fingers on the right portion of the grip. The versatility on this golf grip is second-to-none!

Stand-out features include

  • The 360 grip design is what makes this product so special and it is ideal for beginners and their drivers, removing any concerns you might have about shaft orientation. With its all-round tacky surface, all you have to think about is your driving power and accuracy.
  • The rubber multi-compound and anti-slip technology mean that your club will feel like an extension of your body.
  • This golf grip comes highly rated among both amateur and professional golfers and is an Amazon recommended product.
  • This is a club for the style-conscious player – coming in a stylish black and white tiled pattern, it will certainly catch the eye of your opponents and give you that added confidence when teeing off.

Easiest to Hit

Winn Dritac x Standard Green/Black - 9 Piece Golf Grip Bundle
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Our take

Finally, we have a grip that is not for the faint-hearted, this flashy design is definitely one for the style-conscious golfer. This flashy, alligator-style addition to your club comes with excellent shock absorption features and polymer grip technology that will ensure you have the maximum control from backswing to follow-through – introducing the Winn Dri-Tac X Golf Grip.

The first thing that most golfers will notice about this grip is the way it looks. It has an elegant leather-ish look that comes in three colors – red, green and blue. This is the grip for golfers who want their look to match their confidence level on the golf course. Remember: confidence and assurance in your abilities is half the battle when trying to get that dead straight shot off the tee.

With slip-resistant polymer technology, you can guarantee that your club will be practically glued to your hand from the moment you step out onto the course. Its body has a medium firmness, which equals a better grip and a more fluid swing.

This is a lightweight grip coming in at 48g, however, the body can still absorb even the mightiest of shocks from any size of golf ball. There are also variable pressure points in this grip, giving you a lot of versatility when decided which angle to lay your club when addressing the ball.

Stand-out features include

  • This has a very soft grip, which will give your average golfer a much more comfortable swinging experience, the tenacity of the grip’s texture will allow you to slacken your fingers and wrist for a smooth and controlled shot.
  • The non-slip element of this grip will mean you can take this out onto the course without having to worry about the sudden appearance of adverse weather conditions.
  • There is a strategic tread pattern that will allow you to more accurately adapt the club shaft for those tricksy shots or chips that you will need to get out of a sand trap.
  • This really is an everyman club, suitable for beginner, intermediate or even professional golfers who want something flashy yet reliable to up their handicap.

Buyers Guide

When thinking about your next golf grip purchase, there are a few features that are essential and other features that simply give you that added advantage on the course.

The Dimensions Of Your Grip

Get the measure of your hand before splashing out on a new grip. Grips come in 4 main sizes (ranking smallest to largest): Standard, midsize, undersize and oversize. The comfort of your grip will affect the accuracy of your shot. Chances are that a grip that cuts into your fingers and palm will give you a poorer form and off-kilter shot.

Grip Material

Grips are made from all different materials and each one possesses properties that will enhance or possibly detract from your unique swinging style.

Rubber grips are definitely more durable, whilst polymer is more lightweight and offers greater control and stability over your shot.


The weight of your grip will increase the weight of your overall club, so you might want to think twice before toploading your driver.

If you want your driver to have a more fluid swing, you’ll want a grip that weighs roughly somewhere between 40 to 60 grams.

However, if you have a larger hand span, you might have to buy a jumbo grip, which will come with an unavoidable extra weight. You could offset the dimensions of a large grip with a lighter material such as a polymer.

Grip Adjustment

You should certainly look for a grip that can be adjusted to your particular hand grip and swinging style. You don’t want a grip that works against your natural stance and posture, as it will affect your focus and cause you to make repeated mistakes.


You want to avoid a grip that requires frequent washing, otherwise, it might lead to a decrease in longevity. Most grips should be easy to clean with soap and water.

Best Golf Grips For Drivers FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

Driver grips will perform better for golfers that feel more comfortable using them. If you need extra tackiness on your driver grip, you should invest in a particularly sticky driver grip. Iron grips are usually the preserve of professional golfers who hit straighter drive shots more regularly.

Once you feel like you have practiced enough with your driver, you can then progress to an iron, although the same considerations of control, power and versatility that you’ve applied when buying a driver grip should also be applied when buying an iron grip.

Most of the golf grips listed above come in multiple packs, so you can often get good value for your money, with plenty of replacements for the future. The average price of a grip can be anywhere between $7 to $50, depending on what features you’re looking for.

You should ideally change your golf grips every six months. If you get a pack of 9, then you probably won’t have to buy any more golf grips for the next 4 years!