Best Golf Glove For Sweaty Hands in Early 2021 - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

During the warm summer months, playing golf requires you to wear numerous layers of clothing is always a real drag. But having to wear layers made out of leather in such heat? Well, we can’t imagine anything worse!

However, such is the discomfort that golfers have to deal with whenever they’re on the green in hotter temperatures – usually perfect weather conditions for this popular outdoor pursuit. But those of you take their game seriously will know the importance of heavy-duty gloves.

Gloves give you the friction you need in your palms for a firm, controlled swing. But you have to make sure that you have control both inside and outside the glove.

Sweating palms are not only uncomfortable, but they can also leave your golf game woefully sub-par!

Are you an expert golfer looking for that extra grip boost on the green? Or are you a beginner who doesn’t want to be left looking silly in the sandtrap amongst the golfing pros? Wondering what the acceptable amount to spend on a golf glove is?

Don’t worry, we have a list of 5 of the best golf gloves for sweaty hands (we were tempted to go with four because of the pun, but we didn’t want to leave you shortchanged). So let us tee-up, fix your eye line and putt some of the top-rated gloves your way.

In a hurry? Here are our top picks

Editors Choice

FootJoy FJ Spectrum - Golf Gloves for Left Hand Color: Blue Size: M

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our top pick goes with one of the best-known gloves on the market – the Footjoy FJ Spectrum golf gloves! The manufacturers advertise these gloves as one of the best in the world, but can we believe their hype?

Well, Footjoy has not skimped on the quality – these simple navy-colored gloves are tailor-made for high performance, with Cabretta leather as a palm material and palm patches to ensure durability and a good grip over multiple games.

With dual PowerNet mesh, this glove is very breathable, again, critical for those long, sweaty games in the summer months where you’ll be looking for that natural augmentation and advantage over your opponent.

The feel of the glove is consistent throughout, which won’t cause any niggling distractions before that all-important putting when you’re up on the green or driving the ball across the course.

It features a pun-tastic ComforTab, a three-directional tab closure designed to increase tension around the wrist. The wristband itself is made of flexible elastic, designed to give this glove optimum adjustability.

The PowerNet mesh is also featured on the knuckles, so the hand can breathe at the same time as it’s working. Footjoy has made sure that the key tension points have just the right amount of purchase. 


  • These gloves come in a wide variety of sizes: Cadet Small, Small, Cadet Medium, Cadet Medium/Large, Medium, Medium/Large, Cadet Large, Cadet XL, Large and XL. These are gloves for golfers of all shapes!
  • The porous material will not prohibit the natural discharge of heat from the front or back of the hand.
  • With its sealable multivalent tabs, this might be the most versatile glove we’ve seen yet!
  • Don’t think the high functionality has impacted on the look at all – the sleek and stylish gloves will complement even the most outrageous golfing outfits.


  • Fetching somewhere in the region of $25, these sit at the more expensive end of the golf glove price range, so it might not be suitable for those not looking to spend a great deal on gloves.
  • Even the largest size can be quite tight on the fingers, resulting in a restrictive golf swing and increased hand sweating.

Best Value

Callaway Golf Men's OptiColor Leather Glove, Black, Large, Worn on Left Hand

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Okay, for those looking for a sultry, moody-black golfing glove, we bring you the Callaway Opticolor leather glove, a glove that, according to the manufacturer, is made with both performance and style in mind. Let’s see if it achieves both these aims.

With perforations in the fingers and thumbs, the Callaway Opticolor is designed for breathability, perfectly accentuating its snug and comfortable fit. These nifty little holes will keep your hands cooler for longer!

Made out of lightweight leather material, this means that if the glove does get wet it will dry a lot faster.

With the Oti Fit adjustable closure system, you can decide how tight or loose the glove can be on your wrist, increasing the amount of circulation on the inside of the glove.

But, as highlighted by the manufacturer, these gloves are meant to be stylish as well as practical, so they come in a range of vibrant and muted colors: black, blue, grey, green, light blue, navy or red. They are also available as a duo or just a single glove. 


  • With a range of styles, sizes and colors, this is an incredibly versatile glove for the more fashion-conscious golfer.
  • Optimized for ventilation and grip, this glove will give you everything you need for those drawn-out games.
  • Reasonably priced – these run the gamut from cheap to expensive, the lower cost comes in at around the $15 mark.


  • However, at the more expensive end, you could be looking at spending nearly $30 on a pair of Callaway golf glove. For those that value playing over flare, you might want to opt for a more utilitarian-looking brand.
  • Some users have complained of the dye coming off on their hands.

Brand New Player

BIONIC Gloves –Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove W/Patented Natural Fit Technology Made from Long Lasting, Durable Genuine Cabretta Leather, White, Large

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Moving onto the more affordable option – a beefy golfing glove in the shape of the Bionic.

With a unique pressure dispersion system, the manufacturer claims that this glove is precision-engineered to alleviate the force applied to the underside of the fingers throughout the entire palm of the hand. 

It is adjustable around the wrist, and the elastic can be adapted to increase circulation to a sweaty hand, it is also machine washable, so it can be cleaned in case it starts to smell a little funky! 

However, one of the main downsides of the Bionic glove is that it wears out fast! The thin material of the glove causes it to dry very quickly, resulting in the splitting of material around the important pressure points. This means you will have to buy replacements often, although this is alleviated by a reasonable price tag. 


  • With its pressure dispersal system, wearers will find that less sweat gathers in the areas where the finger comes into contact with the club.
  • Machine washable – this great glove can be easily cleaned after a long, sweaty game.


  • The gloves easily wear out, which will not be appealing to golfers who want that longevity on the green.
  • The more expensive end of the Bionic price spectrum could see a golfer shelling out $40 for the Bionic glove, which is even more galling if they don’t last very long!

Most Versatile

Titleist Players Men's Regular Left Pearl , Medium/Large

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

The second glove in our list to feature the famous Cabretta leather skin, the Titleist Men’s Perma Soft Glove is unbeatable when it comes to comfortable, unrestricted hand movement on the golf course.

Compact to the hand, this glove ensures maximum contact between the club and the palm in a way that ensures the golfer has the highest control over their swing – a crucial ability for any golfer who takes their long game seriously.

With CoolMax mesh panels, this glove ensures the hand is ventilated at all times, with the seams that do not interfere with the hand movement or grip. This glove will not come apart after repeated swings, with the cuff and thump reinforced by pure satin.

These plain single-colored yet nonetheless stylish gloves come in ladies and gentlemen’s sizes: Cadet Small, Small, Cadet Medium, Cadet Medium/Large, Medium, Medium/Large, Cadet Large, Cadet X-Large, Large, X-Large and XX-Large. This is a single glove that you can pick up for right or left hand. 


  • The feel of this glove against your hand is super soft – embodying that age-old phrase ‘fits like a glove’.
  • The well-placed seams make this glove one that you’ll be carrying around in your golf bag for the entire summer.
  • The satin material of this glove makes it particularly resistant to rain and perspiration.
  • A pretty decent price – considering the variety of precision-engineered features this glove has to offer, any experienced golfer experiencing sweaty hands would be a fool not to nab themselves a pair of Titleist’s finest!


  • The palm of this glove tends to wear out very quickly, which will deter golfers looking for that durability on the course.

We’ve saved the least expensive until last for the dollar-saving golfer – it’s the TaylorMade Men’s Stratus All Leather Golf Glove.

Despite its price, you still get much the same high-grade quality that TaylorMade has been providing its customers for years (somewhere around the $11 mark at its cheapest). 

Lightweight and soft to the touch, this glove is still very durable, with its all-leather exterior and sophisticated ventilation system, this glove possesses a unique ‘flex’ technology that makes it a must-buy for those beginner golfers who want to reduce embarrassing hand sweat and focus on their short game. 

However, some users have complained of excess room in the tips of the fingers – no doubt distracting for the premium players who are looking for zero distractions below the elbow. 


  • The price – an extremely affordable glove suited to beginners who want that airy feel around the fingers for their first few games.
  • Lightweight and durable, this leather exterior is designed to provide a strategic solution to the problem of hand sweat.


  • With empty space at the end of the fingers and tightness in the palms, some golfers have said that there are more comfortable gloves than the TaylorMade’s on the market.

Buyers Guide – Things to Know Before Getting Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands

Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands Guide

We’ve run through some of the highest-grade, most breathable golf gloves on the market, but we’d also like to provide those who suffer with sweaty hands on the golf course a few tips about what to look out for when shopping for golf gloves. Feel like you always have an amazing grip while swinging at the field. Having gloves for sweaty hands won’t only result in grip boost but also in more accurate swing balance and control

The Size

Golf gloves aren’t like regular gloves, it’s not one-size-fits-all. An inappropriately-sized golfing glove can severely handicap your game – and not in a good way! You need to have plenty of support at the fingertips, but also the flexibility in the knuckles and around the palm of the hand. Materials and stitching are important factors to observe when thinking about ease of movement.

Luckily, companies that manufacture these golf accessories have already taken these things into consideration and, as you have seen above, gloves come in a wide range of sizes for both men and women.

The Ball Marker and Its Importance

These magnetic ball markers are crucial if you want to mark where your ball is, and some gloves actually come with a compartment that can help you store this tiny device whilst you’re teeing-off.

Not essential to a good glove, but nevertheless very handy, a small pocket in the palm of your hand can be a Godsend if you’re always scrabbling for your ball marker.

Glove Types for Sweaty Hands

Before getting your new golf gloves for sweaty hands, it’s crucial to think about the weather you’re going to play in. For instance, if you’re having a game in humid conditions, leather gloves will keep your hands dry, while making your game worse. Leather doesn’t perform well in humid conditions, and make your hands uncomfortable and slippy. 

A Breathable Fabric – Synthetic vs Cabretta Leather

Cabretta leather golf glove

The whole purpose of this article is to reduce glove sweat, so chances are the biggest asset to your golf glove is ventilation. Most modern golf gloves are fashioned out of leather or synthetic material, and it is difficult to state comprehensively which one is better for the sweaty hand.

Cabretta leather is used in most golf gloves as it is lighter in weight and more breathable than standard leather, which does retain heat during warmer temperatures. Leather golf glove can come with a perforated exterior to reduce wetness which is handy if you’re playing during wet weather. Leather also dries quicker than synthetic material.

However, synthetic material is more breathable than leather overall, although you might find your synthetic golf glove not lasting as long and might only be worth considering if you find the amount you sweat really hampering your game.

Rain Gloves

If you’re a passionate golf player, chances are you’re going to play during wet weather and overall humid conditions where you want your hands dry. Rainy game of golf can be pretty fun, but you have to be sure to have a specific equipment. While buying golf gloves, find the pair that’s marketed as rain gloves as these are designed to provide a steady grip through extra padding on thumb and palm.

Golf gloves for rain come with a higher price tag, as these usually come in a pair. Also, if you’re a person who always have extremely sweaty hands, these is a perfect type of gloves that will provide you with bulletproof grip during every game.

Our Final Say

Hopefully, our list has given you some valuable insight into what particular gloves you should use to suit your playing style, as well as the standard features required to help boost you up to the standards of intermediate or professional players.

One objective rule is that grip and accuracy are crucial to scoring as many points as you possibly can, so spending more money on a high quality and comfortable set of gloves will help you feel like a pro. 

Golf Glove FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

Despite how it may appear on the surface, golf is an endurance sport, and whilst other more mobile sports players get wet in the areas they exert themselves such as the back, the legs and arms, with golf is no different, except with golfers their main exertion point is in their hands and arms.

So when golfers experience sweaty hands, the grip on the club weakens. Having a firm hold on the golf club is essential for a controlled, accurate shot. That is the purpose of golf gloves – it helps reinforce the natural weaknesses of the body.

Most golf gloves will come with specific cleaning instructions on the inside label, so you should follow them to the letter so as to not to damage the material.

Synthetic gloves are usually laundry-friendly and will maintain their shape and texture after being subjected to a large amount of water and heat.

With leather, it can be slightly trickier, as some leather gloves can distort and shrivel in the wash. The received wisdom is to generally leave leather gloves unwashed, however, if they start to stink, then spray them with an anti-odorizer. Alternatively, if they’re dirty you can hand wash them in cold water.

We recommend avoiding washing your gloves in washing machine as the hot water can crust your paddings. The safest bet is always a cold or warm water without any chemicals. 

You might have to do some research into what gloves your favorite golfer might wear. Usually, they have a sponsorship deal with a particular company, so find out the brand and then search that brand’s website for the right gloves.

  • Tiger Woods – Nike Dri-FIT Tour
  • Jordan Spieth – Under Armour Spieth Tour Glove
  • Phil Michelson – Etonic Gloves

It’s a simple fact that, as with most items, a lot of use results in a lot of wear and tear. But one way to preserve your gloves, particularly leather ones, is not to put them in a washing machine, as the seams often break under the severe heat pressure.

Another way to keep the shape of your gloves is to stretch them out as they dry, as this will prevent them from shrinking. Also keeping your gloves in an airtight container will help them to maintain their shape.

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