Best Golf Clubs for Women [Early 2021]

*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Best Golf Clubs for Women

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The amount of women who are taking up golfing is growing daily. Coinciding with this, manufacturers have responded by creating golf clubs that are specifically catered to women.

Whether you are just starting out, or you’re an experienced golfer, having the right golf clubs to hand is very important and highly influential upon how you perform on the green. However, due to the increase in demand for women’s golf clubs, the market is becoming much broader, making the task of finding the best golf clubs slightly more challenging. 

We have done the hard work for you and browsed the market in search of the best picks of golf clubs for women. 

If you’re in a hurry, not to worry as we have selected our top pick for you below.

Our Reviews

Editors Choice

Callaway Women's Strata Tour Complete Golf Set (16-Piece, Right Hand)

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

For our top pick, we have selected the STRATA Women’s Golf Packaged Set by Callaway. Included in this set are a driver, 3 wood, 4&5 hybrid, 6 9 iron, a pitching wedge, and a sand wedge and a putter. This is the ultimate set for distance and performance and with modernized golf technology, you will be covered from toe to green.

With this packaged set, you will also receive a lightweight but durable stand bag for convenience as you take your shots and 4 headcovers to maintain the quality of your clubs.

Upon closer inspection of the clubs, the wood is a full titanium driver that is very forgiving and has been built for long, high flying shots. The 6 9 irons incorporate high flight technology for greater distance and forgiveness, whilst allowing you to maintain your control through the stainless steel construction. Finally, we have the putter, this club has been designed for greater accuracy and distance control to sink more putts.

Stand-out features include

  • With this set, you receive a convenient stand bag and it also has a backpack strap which makes it much easier to carry between locations.
  • This club set is available in right or left handed orientation to cater to different needs.
  • They are available in different color options for those who may favor the appearance of their golf clubs.
  • As lightweight shafts, they are nice and easy to handle.
  • This club set is an ideal choice for beginners.

Best Value

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set, Right Hand, White

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

For our next choice, we have selected the Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set. With a focus upon generating greater distance through the super game improvement design, this is an ideal choice for women who are new to golf.

These clubs have been specifically designed for women’s swing speeds with a low center of gravity, which is likely to result in improved launch characteristics.

Included in this set is a driver, Fairway wood, Hybrid irons: 6,7,8,9, a pitching wedge, and a heel/toe putter.

Performance is a central focus with these golf clubs, the large sweet spot irons feature perimeter weighting, working to improve your performance when it comes to off center hits. As lightweight clubs, they are much easier to handle whilst ensuring that you feel in control of the club when taking your shot.

When you purchase these clubs you will also receive a cart bag that comes with two handles for easy lifting and numerous pockets for storing any other essentials or accessories that you carry around the green.

Stand-out features include

  • These golf clubs retail at a very affordable price, a great budget-friendly option.
  • The design of these clubs focuses heavily on improved performance and distance. 
  • As the cart bag comes with handles it is easy to lift on and off the cart in between locations.
  • This golf set comes with headcovers which help to keep the clubs in good condition. 
  • This is a perfect set for beginners.

Brand New Player

Redeo Aspire XD1 Ladies Womens Complete Golf Clubs Set Includes Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, 6-PW Irons, Putter, Stand Bag, 3 H/C's Purple

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

The Aspire XD1 Complete Golf Club Set is our next pick for you. Included in this set are a 460cc titanium driver, a fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, and a putter. These woods and irons have been constructed from stainless steel for excellent quality and durability. Designed for forgiveness and easy launching, these clubs are a great choice for those looking to develop their skill.

All of the clubs are made from ultra light high modulus of 100% graphite, which ensures that they are lightweight whilst giving you the control to improve your shot performance.

This club set is available in three different sizes, a standard size, a tall size, and a petite size, which is great for catering to women of different heights, without having to compromise performance on the green.

Equipped with a matching deluxe dual strap standing golf bag with backpack straps, not only is it easy to transport between locations, but the stand makes it much easier to set down your things and select the right club for your game.

Stand-out features include

  • As these clubs are available in three different sizes, they are suitable for women of different heights. 
  • The headcovers help to maintain the quality of the clubs so that they last longer. 
  • The dual strap bag design makes it much easier to carry the clubs between locations.
  • This set is very affordable.
  • These golf clubs are ideal for those who are just starting out

Most Versatile

Callaway Golf 2018 Solaire Package Set, 11 Piece, Black, Right Hand, Regular

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Next up we have selected the Callaway Women’s Solaire Complete Golf Set. This premium set has been designed with fit and performance as a priority to help you achieve your best shots. Included in this set is a driver, 3 wood, 5&6 hybrids, 7 through 9 irons, along with a pitching and sand wedge and a putter.

The premium designed putter with an easy to align mallet helps you to achieve more putts, whilst the other clubs are ideal for golfers who want to achieve longer and straighter shots.

This club set is available in right and left handed orientation, with regular or petite size options available, catering to women with different needs when it comes to their golf clubs.

For those who favor a particular color golf club set, there are four different color options available.

This set also comes with a cart bag and four headcovers for the clubs, to help to maintain their quality for longer.

Stand-out features include

  • The premium design accounts for improved performance. 
  • The golf clubs and cart bag are aesthetically appealing, ideal for those looking for a specific type of club. 
  • Customers who have purchased these golf clubs have been impressed with the quality.
  • As they are lightweight clubs,it is easier to achieve better shots on the green. 
  • The cart bag comes with a handle and numerous storage compartments so there is plenty of space available to store any other belongings.

Our take

For our final choice, we have selected the Precise Women’s Complete Golf Club Set. Containing lightweight clubs constructed with ultra light graphite shafts, this is an excellent starter set for beginners.

This set includes a driver, a fairway wood, Hybrid 6/7, 8/9, a pitching wedge, and sand wedge irons and a putter. Whilst sporting a minimal appearance, inside you have all of the that is needed to get started with achieving those great shots.

Available in two sizes, standard for those who are between 5’3″ and 5’9″, and a petite size for those 5’3″ and below, these precise clubs cater to women of different heights.

With this golf club set, you will also receive a matching bag with a dual strap design for convenience when traveling around the course, as it can be carried just like a backpack.

Stand-out features include

  • The standard and petite size options are great for catering to women of different heights.
  • This set is a great choice for those on a budget retailing at an affordable price.
  • As this set contains lightweight clubs they are easy to handle.
  • This is an ideal choice for beginner golfers.
  • The backpack style straps make the clubs easier to transport around the golf course.

Buyers Guide

There are many factors to consider before investing in your golf clubs. It is important to ensure that you select a good quality set that has all of the required clubs, which will help to better your performance on the golf green.

We have listed our top tips below for selecting golf clubs the best golf clubs that are worthy of your investment. 

The Contents

First, it is important to have an understanding of the clubs that you should expect to find in your golf club set. Whilst the build of a women’s golf club set is very similar to a males, in a females, you will typically find 3 woods, 7 irons, 2 wedges, and a putter. The three woods compromise of 1 driver, 3 wood club, and 5 wood club. In terms of the 7 irons, this would likely include 4,5,6,7,8,9 clubs. The wedges are commonly sand and pitching and at least one hybrid and a putter. However, it is necessary to note that some sets do not come equipped with a putter, though it is definitely worth investing in one of these additionally. 

The skill level

Next, it is important to consider your skill level as this is likely to influence the set that you choose. Some on the market cater to women who are just starting out and learning the game. Whilst these sets are going to be great for catering to the needs of beginners they are going to be less effective for those who are at a more advanced level. Therefore it is important to assess your skill level to ensure that you purchase the right golf clubs to cater to your needs. 

The Grip of the Clubs

Ideally, the grip of the golf club should be in proportion to the size of the golfer’s hand. You typically find that women have smaller sized hands and therefore would benefit from clubs with a grip measuring at a smaller diameter than a men’s. Failing to have a firm and comfortable grip is going to impact how well you use the club and take your shot. 

The Mix of Clubs

If you are someone who is already a keen golfer and has a few clubs in their collection, then it may be beneficial to select the few other clubs that you need rather than investing in a whole new set.

Hybrids are becoming increasingly popular and are often used instead of the longer irons, which can sometimes be difficult to hit. Not only is a hybrid a much more forgiving club, but they also make it much easier to launch and hit the ball. 

The differences between men and women’s golf clubs

Aside from the few that we have already mentioned there are also some other differences between men and women’s golf clubs that are worth paying attention too. There are some distinct differences between the clubs themselves. The first being the driver, a ladies driver tends to have a minimum degree of 12 loft in comparison to the men’s at 9 to 11 degrees.

Women’s drivers tend to be much lighter which ultimately cater to greater distance, speed, and trajectory without needing to use lots of energy. 

You are also likely to find that the range of these clubs is bigger too. The iron is likely to be the heaviest club; although this is still relatively light when compared to men’s. However, this club is also going to have a shorter flex. 

Now in regards to shafts, there are a few factors to remember. The majority of shafts made for women are constructed from graphite as this is a much lighter material, and they tend to be shorter in length. There are typically two shaft flex labels for women. One with a lot of spring and more difficulty to control, the other with less flexibility.

The Accessories

If you are likely to invest in a set rather than individual clubs you will commonly find that they will come with a bag. This may be a cart bag and as the name suggests this is intended for use with a cart. Whilst it is more difficult to stand, it is more spacious providing room for your golf balls and any other accessories. The other is a stand bag. This bag has legs that pop out and are very convenient for standing your bag securely as you play. 

The Size

The market offers clubs of different sizes too, some are standard, others will be tall and then some brands may even offer petite clubs. This is a great way of catering to women of different heights as they can play with comfort. However, it is important to take note of the clubs that you choose to ensure that you select the right type to suit your needs, choosing the wrong size may affect your performance on the green. 


The cost of the clubs can vary between the brands and also the type that you purchase. Of course, if you are only wanting to purchase one or two golf clubs to add to your set then this is ultimately going to be cheaper than purchasing a whole new set. However, if you are serious about getting into the game, a set is going to be a great investment and there are actually some available that are very good value for money. If you are a beginner who doesn’t have any experience of playing golf, then we would recommend purchasing more affordable clubs initially, as they can be rather expensive and you don’t want to invest in your golf clubs only to find that you don’t find it enjoyable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are expensive golf clubs worth it?

For professional golfers, then the expense of investing in the more expensive golf clubs is definitely likely to be worth it, however, for those who are casual golfers and are only likely to play on the weekend or an occasional basis, then expensive golf clubs don’t always mean better. Whilst it is important to be wary of golf clubs that seem curiously cheap, a more affordable choice of clubs are likely to cater to casual golfers well. 


Golf Club Set FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

According to the official rules of golf, no more than 14 clubs can be carried. Before you ask, yes, your putter does count. It is also perfectly legal to carry less than 14 clubs in your bag.

Woods and hybrids both have larger, circular shaped heads. Woods are closely related to drivers, and are used mostly off the tee or from the fairway. Hybrids are most like irons, but are easier to hit due to their aerodynamic head shape. They are also easier to hit from the rough than woods.

The easiest way to get better at golf is to practice. It won’t be on the course that you learn how to hit different shots or perfect your swing. Rapid improvement comes by spending time on the driving range and at the putting green. As with everything these days, there is an abundance of tips and videos online to help you improve to best maximize your shots.

Check out our article here on how to improve your golf swing, tempo and balance.

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