The Best Golf Balls for Low Spin [Early 2021]

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Golf balls can have a huge impact on your game. It’s recommended that you use the same ball throughout your entire game, and this enables you to improve your confidence and ultimately achieve better results.


A low spin golf ball is designed to reduce side spin and instead produce longer, straighter drives. If you are familiarising yourself with the golf green, a low spin golf ball is particularly useful.  


Below you will find out top pick golf balls for slow spin. We’ve done the hard work finding them and also included a handy buyers guide complete with top tips on choosing the balls that are right for you.

Our Reviews

Editors Choice

Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X Golf Balls, (One Dozen), White

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

We have selected the Callaway Golf Chrome Soft X golf balls as our top pick. From a well known brand like Callaway, these are guaranteed to give you excellent performance and mis-hit forgiveness. 

They are a great pick for those aiming to reduce their spin thanks to the new Graphene Dual Softfast core. The outcome is a fast and very soft ball with high launch and low spin off the tee for optimal distance. 

The large core of this golf ball maximises compression energy and reduces driver spin. 

Essentially, these golf balls provide you with really good distance whilst maintaining control of the ball at the same time. 

If this wasn’t enough, they also have pinpoint greenside control which generates shot-controlling, stroke-saving spin on pitches and chips thanks to the ultra soft tour urethane cover. 

They come in a box of one dozen and are available in white or yellow, so they are visible on the green. 

Stand-out features include

  • The Graphene Dual soft cast core makes them an ideal choice for low spin. 
  • They are forgiving; as a softer ball their compress easier on off centre hits to give you great distance. 
  • With these golf balls you are guaranteed to have both distance and control.

High Velocity

Bridgestone Golf E12 Speed Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)

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Our take

The Bridgestone Speed balls are high performing golf balls which have been designed specifically to give high velocity of the tee. 

You are guaranteed to be achieving those straighter shots thanks to the lower ball spin off the driver and long iron. 

These balls have a really impressive design. The delta wing dimple design minimizes air resistance and cuts through tough winds. They are structured with a three piece core advanced design. 

They also have a rubber core, a mantle layer and this is then encased by a Surlyn Outer Cover. These layers ultimately all work together to give you a better approach and greenside performance. 

Essentially, they are designed to provide you speed at a straight distance through a low spin.

Stand-out features include

  • They are very likely to give you a lower spin whilst still maintaining an impressive distance. 
  • Very responsive and leave you feeling in complete control.
  • They are really forgiving golf balls and as mentioned previously an excellent ball for distance. 
  • Made from the highest quality materials

Entry Level

TaylorMade 2018 Distance+ Golf Ball, White (One Dozen)

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Our take

Balls designed for low spin tend to also focus on greater ground distance – hence why we have chosen the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf balls as our next choice for entry level players. 

These balls are ideal for beginner to intermediate players, mainly because their construction focuses on greater distance. The react core creates a low spin while delivering your shots at high speeds. 

The aerodynamic design also creates a low drag for effortless shots. 

Thanks to the core which is designed to release energy efficiently, they are a perfect choice for players who want to achieve maximum distance

Stand-out features include

  • They are great for achieving great distance with your shots. 
  • They came in a package of one dozen and are very good value for money. 
  • They are ideal for beginner to intermediate players who are building their confidence with achieving longer distance.
  • They are available in two different colors which make them a little easier to pinpoint on the golf course. 
  • Their smooth surface allows for straighter shots. 
  • They are nice and powerful and give you good control when you hit them.

For the Pro

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, White, High Play Numbers (5-8), One Dozen

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

Finally we have selected the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. This is another pick from Titleist and they are a great contender in the search for low spin golf balls. 

These are slightly more expensive than the others on this list, but ideal if you are looking for more of a high end golf ball. 

With these balls you will have very low long game spin and penetrating trajectory. The consistent flight also accounts for extraordinary distance, something that is very important in regards to achieving your best shots. 

Being very soft, they provide amazing feedback when struck, allowing you to fine tune your shots.

They also have drop and short game control and are made out of urethane materials.

Many golf balls get dented and scratched easily after being hit a few times around the golf course, but the durable build of these balls ensure they last more than a few rounds.

Stand-out features include

  • They are credited as being the number one ball in golf so you know that you are going to receive a good product when you make a purchase. 
  • Designed to provide you with excellent flight while still maintaining a low spin. 
  • You are sure to receive a durable product, some golfers have used these balls on multiple occasions before they even begin to show damage.
  • People who have purchased these golf balls have noticed differences between these and ones they have used previously and praise them for their quality and performance.

Best Control

Titleist AVX Golf Balls, White, Prior Generation (One Dozen) (T9011S)

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Our take

Next up we have chosen the Titleist AVX Golf Balls and are an ideal choice for creating low spin with a focus on control. 

The balls allow you to prioritise distance thanks to their low long game spin. However, the improved greenside performance provides increased spin on the ground allowing you to reach greater distances. 

They are extremely soft and have been designed with a thinner cast urethane elastomer cover system. They have a larger core formulation followed by a high flex casing layer. Quality really hasn’t been ignored with these golf balls. 

As well as providing you with great distance through the low game and iron spin they also give you premium scoring control. It’s fair to say your game should improve once you start playing with these balls. 

They are available in white and high optic yellow, which makes them easy to spot on the golf course. 

Stand-out features include

  • They are extremely soft and designed with distance in mind.
  • Also suitable for slow swing speeds.
  • Particularly good for achieving low spin when using long irons and woods. 
  • Two color options and the high optic yellow in particular makes them stand out easily on the course.

Buyers Guide

Low spin golf balls are  particularly useful for hard hitters and those who tend to hit down on the ball. Ultimately, low spin increases the roll on landing helping the ball achieve greater distances on the ground. 

There are a number of features that make a particularly good low spin ball. We have included a few for you to look out for below. This way you are sure to be getting those high performance shots in no time. 


Golf balls are constructed in different ways and their build up is referred to in numbers of pieces. The construction of the golf ball plays a big part in how well it reacts to the club. The better the construction of the ball, the better your performance.

The balls can come in one, two, three, four, and five pieces. This refers to the number of layers that are under the outside of the golf ball and make up the centre of the golf ball. 

The intention with low spinning balls is of course to reduce the spin so ideally you will want to stick with one or two piece golf balls – higher pieced balls typically add spin. Softer balls are also better for creating low spin. 


While there are many different golfing brands on the market today, we find that it’s always best to stick to the mainstream ones when choosing balls. 

There is an enormous amount of research and technology that goes into creating the perfect ball, and the major companies have the R&D budgets to ensure that you get the best product possible. 

The list above includes balls from Titelist, Bridgestone, TaylorMade and Callaway – you should try and stick to these where possible. 


Golfing itself can be rather expensive and golf balls are no exception. 

As with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for. But we understand that budget is important, hence why we have included both budget and expensive balls above.

Another thing that impacts price is quantity. Golf balls are quite personal, so until you are completely satisfied with the brand and type, we recommend trying them out with a smaller pack before stumping up the cash for larger packs.


Golf balls that focus on distance are really good at incorporating low spin. That makes them particularly useful for beginners or those wanting to build their confidence improving their distance. 

Those that are intended for straight distance in particular are ideal for creating a low spin while still achieving long distances along the ground. 


You will find that different people have different opinions on the performance of golf balls. Obviously professionals and scratch players will demand certain things of their balls – but for the average golfer this isn’t as important. 

In the above list, we have included options for both beginners and intermediate players. If you feel that you are above this level, then you probably already know exactly what features you need from your balls.

The Feel

Some golf balls will be more forgiving in their shots than others. You will also find some that give you a greater amount of control once you hit them. 

Ideally you will want a ball that feels nice to hit because ultimately this is going to affect the way that the ball reacts to your swing. Some may also react better when hit with particular golf clubs and these are all different things to keep in mind. 


The majority of balls tend to come in either white or bright optic yellow, but you will find some other fancy colors out there too. 

A brighter or bold colored ball is likely to make it a lot easier to pinpoint your ball. This is particularly likely with the yellow and white balls too as they stand out against the green of the course. 

The Surface of the golf balls

The way in which the surface of golf balls are designed also has a great impact upon how well they perform once hit. 

The dimples create a thin turbulent boundary layer of air which clings to the ball’s surface. This impacts the flight of the ball by decreasing the size of the wake. A higher trajectory is achieved as the reduced depth of each of the balls dimples help to offset the larger size.

Compression of the golf balls

When purchasing golf balls they will often state whether they are low or high compressions. 

Ultimately low compression golf balls are going to be better for achieving a low spin by creating a straighter ball flight, as well as giving you a better feel and more forgiveness. 

Low Spin Golf Balls FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

Low spin golf balls tend not to travel as far up in the air and there is reduced spin upon impact with the ground. 

This increases the roll of the ball when it lands. Ideally low spin golf balls are better suited to players that slice the ball or struggle with distance. 

It can be argued that softer golf balls have a low spin, so they should not only give you greater distance but give you straighter shots reducing back and sideward spin. 

Firmer balls tend to create more of an increased spin. Above, we have included some variety but have mainly focussed on the soft constructed golf balls as these are likely to give you the best feedback in terms of low spin.

For many beginners who are just starting out they may find a firmer ball easier as they are likely to be focusing their energy on hitting the ball straight. 

A low spin golf ball more often than not reduces the speed of the ball when it is in the air, the lack of spin in return increases the roll upon landing, so they are especially good for those working to improve distance on the ground. 

As a beginner once you have become comfortable with the quality of your shot you may then find yourself ready to use low spin golf balls to the better your distance if you struggle with achieving long distances.

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