The Best Golf Ball for High Handicappers [Early 2021]

*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

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So you’ve got a high handicap? You may be trying to lower your handicap to get some better scores. 

We’ve all been there before! You may already have the right clubs to help aid you in lowering your handicap, but having the right golf balls can make all the difference to your game too! 

The only issue is that there are simply just so many golf balls on the market that it can sometimes be difficult to know just what you need for your game. 

Thankfully, we’re here to make finding the right golf balls for a high handicap much easier for you. 

We’ve put the research in and tried out the equipment to bring you this ranking of the best golf balls for high handicap golfers, and including a handy buyers guide to help you to narrow down your decision.

Our Reviews

Editors Choice

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball - Pack of 24 (White)

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*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

If you want a highly responsive ball from a reputable brand that is going to help you lower your handicap, the Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball may be just what you need. This golf ball has minimal speed when you’re driving so you’ll get a lot of distance right off the tee. 

This golf ball is also very forgiving and gives you a lot of much needed accuracy. The ball gives you a lot of control on the green, with an impeccable short game as well as long game. 

The durable ionomer cover is also very versatile so you can use it in a range of different environments and situations. It feels very soft and you’ll get great feedback with it. 

Furthermore, a pack of the Wilson Smart Core Golf Balls contains 24 balls, which is more than enough for most any golfer. All of this is at a fantasti price that is pretty hard to beat. There’s even a great compression of 85. What more could you want?

Stand-out features include

  • Highly Affordable
  • Good feel off the club face
  • Lots of green control
  • Durable outer cover

High Velocity

Precept 2017 Laddie Extreme Golf Balls (24 Balls), White

Check Prices at:

*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

These golf balls are ideal for a high handicap golfer, but can also be used in official tournaments if you like. These golf balls are made for good speed and there is a fantastically high amount of velocity on impact with these balls.

The ball has a very good trajectory which combines with the high velocity to make a pretty impressive beast on the golf course. If you need some extra distance then you’ll be pleased with the Precept Laddie X golf balls

They also have 372 dimples on the surface so they are very aerodynamic, made with an ionomer cover. Because of this cover, a mix between muscle fibre and surlyn, the ball is very easy to control when you’re on the green too.

Even once your handicap improves, you can still rely on these golf balls, as they respond both to high and slow swing speed. They’re super affordable and come with a total of 24 balls so they should last you a decent amount of time.

Stand-out features include

  • Perfect for high handicapper looking for higher velocity
  • Low spin off the tee
  • Perfect for slower swing speeds

For Slow Swing Speed

Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf Balls 1 Dozen, White

Check Prices at:

*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

If you have a slower swing speed, you’ll be very happy with the Bridgestone 2020 Tour B RX Golf Balls.

These balls come with a Hydro Core that is pretty much made for slower swing speeds, and they are a huge asset in helping golfers to improve their distance and accuracy.

The ball comes with enhanced ball speed and a great distance and trajectory. You don’t even need to worry about side spin! 

It’s perfect for helping you to get just that little bit more confidence on the course. It’s a very durable ball that also performs admirably on windy days too. 

It’s possible to buy this ball both in yellow or white, so if you need more visibility you will be covered with this ball.

Stand-out features include

  • Enhances ball speed to create further distance off the drive
  • Designed for higher handicappers in mind

Increased Distance

Callaway Warbird Golf Ball, Prior Generation, (One Dozen), White, Prior Generation

Check Prices at:

*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

If you’re a golfer, you’ve almost definitely heard of Callaway. They are renowned for their great golfing equipment and the Warbird Golf Ball is a testament to that. 

These balls are made to help you get more trajectory and distance.

The ball is very aerodynamic with limited drag, so even with a slower swing speed you can still feel confident you’ll cover a decent amount of distance. 

It consists of a high energy inner core that will compress on impact to give more distance, and has an outer ionomer cover that feels great when you contact the ball. You can expect some great accuracy with this ball.

If you struggle with visibility, it’s also possible to buy these golf balls both in white and yellow. They can even be used as your handicap gets better too so they’re very versatile. While they do have a decent price they’re not the cheapest we’ve mentioned on this list.

Stand-out features include

  • Extremely accurate on long shots
  • Higher energy inner core creates increased drive distance
  • Aerodynamic design

Most Forgiving

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls, White

Check Prices at:

*Don’t forget to check the price at all stores as they usually run different promotions such as free shipping*

Our take

The Bridgestone E12 Soft Golf Balls are very popular among high handicappers. To start with, they have great ball speed. They have a low compression core and surlyn cover to further support this, and spin is minimized by the inner layer.

You will get some fantastic driving shots off the tee with this ball. You will also get a lot of control and backspin. The balls are most ideal for golfers that have a swing speed going up to 100mph, as the balls have a compression rate of 50. 

The shots with this ball are also very straight. It’s a very forgiving ball too, so you don’t need to worry about slicing your shots as often.

It’s possible to get these golf balls in orange, white and yellow so there are plenty of options to maximize on visibility. 

These balls provide great value for money and are sure to be a huge asset in helping you to improve your game overall, lowering that handicap and getting you better scores as a result.

Stand-out features include

  • Moderate compression rate increasing forgiveness
  • Maintains high speed off the drive

Buyers Guide

It can sometimes be a bit of a tricky thing to buy the right golf balls for you and your unique game. Thankfully it doesn’t need to be that way, and with the right knowledge it can become an enjoyable process! 

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when you’re buying golf balls, so you need to think about what you want your game to look like. For example, what things do you know you need to improve on straight away? A golf ball can cater to specific aspects of a game, or can be more well rounded. Without further ado though, here are some things you should consider when purchasing a new set of golf balls if you’re a high handicap golfer.


Air Resistance

A lot of brands that make golf balls tend to specify what kind of aerodynamic technology their ball has. This is essentially how the manufacturer deals with air resistance. 

Air resistance can reduce the speed your ball is travelling through the air, so the more air resistance there is the less distance you’re going to cover when playing golf.

You ideally want to be looking for a ball that has good air resistance when looking for a ball to help lower your handicap, though this can be a tricky element to measure as the majority of brands will say that theirs is the best. 



High handicappers are known to have problems with mishits. This basically means that you don’t hit the ball quite right when you strike with your clubs, and because of this the ball moves in a direction where you don’t want it to go. 

These balls tend to get lost easily and it can be hard to keep track of them. This can be an expensive error. If you use very cheap balls it’s still a problem because the more you need to replace them the more money you’re going to spend.

If you have good visibility it means that it will be much easier to follow the movement of the ball when it’s in midair and also when it lands. 

You should ideally look for balls that are eye catching and stand out, so opting for bright colors is beneficial. Usually yellow golf balls tend to be the go-to standard for visibility. White isn’t all that visible but it’s one of the most common colors that people use no matter what skill level they are. 



This is essentially how high the ball goes into the air when you hit it with one of your golf clubs. This accounts for the ball’s trajectory from when it’s knocked off the tee to when it’s launched into the sky, and considers how long it will stay in the sky. 

Of course, if your ball’s flight is flatter then you’re likely to cover more ground at a faster rate, but it may not cover a bigger distance overall. Simultaneously, a ball with a looped flight may not necessarily go further but it can go higher. 

You need to ensure both of these traits combine so that the ball has good flight and thus will travel much further. 


Swing Speed

One of the main things you need to consider when you’re choosing a golf ball is whether that ball is going to fit with your swing speed. Certain golf ball makers will say whether they have made the ball fit players with a slow swing speed or a fast swing speed, but this is not the case with all manufacturers. 

You should really be trying to get a ball that will fit with your swing speed because you’ll be able to achieve more distance this way. This mainly comes down to how much compression you will need to make with your swing. 

A ball that’s right for you will be able to properly respond to your swing speed. If it’s too fast for a certain ball then it’s going to feel harder when you strike it so you’re not going to have enough room for compression.


Hard or Soft Balls?

A lot of golfers have this question: should you buy a hard or a soft ball if you have a high handicap. Ultimately this all comes down to compression, which essentially sets out the speed that your ball is going to move at when you strike it. 

It tends to apply most to you when you’re driving. When you go onto the green this becomes a lot less important. 

Generally, softer balls don’t require as much input for compression from you. There are a number of things that will contribute to this, including the core of the ball and the cover it incorporates. 


Back Spin

If you’re a high handicapper this isn’t going to matter too much to you. This is generally an element that helps players that are more skilled on the course. Essentially, backspin is the amount of turn you are able to make on the green. 

If the ball has backspin then the skilled golfers should be able to aim the ball in the direction they need it to go without having to point their club that way. 

If your course has obstacles, backspin can be very beneficial to allow you to be able to avoid any obstacles. High handicap balls usually tend to be designed towards the individual needs of high handicap golfers, so they are also made so they are made to give less control to the player. 

This helps to make straighter shots, which can be beneficial to a golfer especially when they are driving. Unfortunately this also means that the players won’t have as much control over the ball.

Thankfully if you’re not a skilled golfer you really don’t need to worry too much about this. By the time you get better at the game then you’re going to want to have the control in your hands rather than in the hands of the clubs and golf balls. 



Of course, when you’re buying a golf ball you need to consider the price you’re willing to pay, especially since, as we mentioned earlier, golf balls tend to go missing a little more often when you have a high handicap. 

Golf balls can cost very little or can cost quite a lot of money, so consider your budget, and how much it’s both financially viable to spend and how much it’s also sensible to spend. It’s also worth buying a couple of packs just in case your balls go missing.



If you’re buying a golf ball then of course you want it to last! Usually urethane covers are softer and you’ll have a little more spin on the greens, whereas ionomer covers are made from surlyn which is very tough and much harder to scuff. Urethane covers tend to scuff a lot more easily. 

Each of these types of covers have their own unique characteristics when you’re out on the golf course. Cheaper balls tend to have surlyn covers whereas urethane is more commonly seen in premium balls.

High Handicapper FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

If your handicap is higher than 18 then you’re a high handicapper.

You may already know this, but a golf handicap is the measure of a golfer’s skill in numbers. If your handicap is lower then it means that the golfer is better at the game. Your handicap will allow you to be able to compete with other people on the same level as you even if the scoring average differs slightly. 

This is in reference to the amount of backspin that you get once you make contact with the ball with a golf club. If you have the right amount of spin then you will be able to achieve longer distances and much straighter shots wherever you are on the course. THey are defined by low spin, mid spring and high spin golf balls.

These are ideal for players that struggle with having too much spin. If you have a slice or have a harder time getting more distance then it’s worth switching to low spin golf balls.

These tend to be the best for the vast majority of players. They are a balance between high and low spin with good flight and control, and they dont require you to have a great swing.

These are ideal for players that have low swing speed, such as seniors and juniors, and of course high handicappers.

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