Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers - Buyer's Guide & Reviews

If you’re a golfer with a high handicap with only a few rounds on the fairway under your belt, you might be hearing people advise you to add a fairway wood to your golf clubs. But why? What are the best fairway woods for high handicappers and beginners? If I do have a high handicap, what things do I need to consider before purchasing a fairway wood?

With their wider heads, higher lofts and longer shafts, they are for players who have gained confidence swinging a hybrid and now want a decent driver. However, these longer, heavier clubs are much more unwieldy and might cause an inexperienced golfer to lose confidence in their swing and put their driving game right back to square one.

Golf is a mental game as much as it is a physical one and it’s important to have a club that gives you as much confidence as possible when teeing off, ensuring that your shots are accurate and controlled as well as powerful.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you answer all these concerns with our list of the top 5 fairway woods for high handicappers, as well as a buyer’s guide on what to look for in your first fairway and the most commonly asked questions by beginner golfers.

Okay, let’s tee-up and go!

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Our first wood is one that will give the newbie swinger that distance and forgiveness they will need to drive the ball far off the tee – it’s the TaylorMade M4 Draw Type Driver.

This wood has its speed pocket across the entire face of the club, which will really help those whose shots are more often than not very off-center. With this club, even a poor swing will cover a wide distance across the fairway, allowing a beginner to slowly gain confidence and improve their centering.

The front of this club is a steel alloy, which is very narrow yet incredibly durable, increasing the forgiveness and energy transfer from the swing into the ball for more speed and power.

Added to this is the infamous Inverted Cone feature of the M4, which again allows for greater forgiveness, cradling those off-center shots so you won’t lose power.

With its twin weight pads in the head, the center of gravity of this ball is a lot lower, meaning that it gives you a good clean swing, optimized for easy launch, and a pleasing sound when the club hits the ball.

Its fluted hosel also gives the club a very lightweight feel, perfect for golfers looking for the extra control and ability to simply lift the ball off the ground.

Stand-out features include

  • This is a highly forgiving ball that accentuates the triple-threat of golfing: power, speed and distance.
  • The lightweight feel of the shaft is optimized for control, giving you that added advantage over a more experienced player.
  • This is a good club to use either for that first or second swing of the game – it’ll go some way to getting that ball down the fairway.

Best Fairway Wood for Playability

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Now we’re moving on to another TaylorMade model, one regarded as one of the best utility clubs in the game – that is the RBZ Men’s Rescue club.

For a reasonable price, this titanium-made wood has very high build quality, with various flex and loft options, all for an extremely reasonable price. This is the ideal club for a high- to a medium-handicap golfer.

As with our last fairway wood, the RBZ Rescue utilizes the famous Speed Pocket technology, accommodating for those who hit the ball just below the center of the clubface. This is a club designed for height and accuracy, so those mis-shots won’t result in a greater hook or slice percentage.

TaylorMade has made a wood that is light and resilient in the shaft, with a stiff flex particular to your height, weight and strength, nothing is stopping you from driving the ball down distances that will break a few of your personal bests!

The grip is made from high-grade textured rubber, this will keep your hand firmly on the wood, giving you that control right the way through your swing, although some more advanced golfers will want to switch out the grip depending on their style.

Stand-out features include

  • With a sleek, state-of-the-art look, this TaylorMade club will really lend those first-timers the cool and confidence they need to face-off against their more experienced golfing friends.
  • Faster swingers will appreciate a responsive clubhead that gives the ball a low-to-the-ground trajectory on launch.
  • It utilizes its low center of gravity to help out beginners who are really dug into the turf on some shots.
  • A very reasonably-priced club for starters who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on their first fairway wood – this one will set you back around $150

Best Fairway Wood for Beginners

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If it’s that handmade, high-quality golf club with a textured drive and accuracy you’re looking for, then any starting golfer should turn to the Cobra Golf Men’s King F8 Fairway.

That’s right, the faces of these clubs are handmade in the factory, with the faces welded to the titanium stem of the club then sanded down by hand to ensure smoothness. Why? To ensure that you have a premium product in your hand, of course!

Don’t be deceived by these flat faces, as these club heads contain plenty of variegated thickness beneath the surface, these horizontal and vertical curvature ensuring that off-center shots still have that far-reaching distance and speed.

These face densities are shaped by hand in the factory, it concealed a Dual Roll technology at the top and bottom of the face, to make sure that the ball gets as far off the fairway as possible!

It has a carbon fiber crown for lightness and more control, with an air tripping device on the head that makes it far more aerodynamic. It has a raised portion that is made from polymer, again to save on weight, however, the sole is made from titanium to increase durability over multiple shots.

Stand-out features include

  • This club utilizes a Baffler Rail System that gives high-handicappers that optimum level of control, with a shallow swing making for better ball contact.
  • The loft sleeve is fully adjustable, allowing for that controlled swing.
  • The multi-material, handmade head is both light and durable, allowing the newbie golfer to crack the ball time and time again, getting straight shots which will then give them the confidence to keep improving their game.

Best Fairway Wood for Long Distance Shots

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A favorite for beginners, the Callaway Golf Epic Flash utilizes state-of-the-art computer-designed technology to give the user an improved ability to hone the perfect shot to improve their driving game.

It has a 455 Carpenter Steel Face cup, which has varying thicknesses to ensure that you won’t be losing distance even with your off-center shots. This club cups the ball across its entire face, ensuring that your golf ball won’t end up in the scrub if you miss the shot!

The Epic Flash Fairway is very loose and light, giving you that nice, controlled swing with a very low center of gravity in the head.

With a very unique Jailbreak Technology that consists of two bars running through the center of the hollow club that connects the sole to the crown and enabled a solid chassis and can amp up your ball speed.

The thickness of the precision-engineered Flash face varies all the was through the face, which means that not only will you get fast shots in the center of the face, but it will also preserve speed thanks to advanced speed pocket technology and design.

This chunky head allows for a decent address of the ball, increasing your confidence when swinging, the top curve helping alignment and giving the starter the best chance of getting the ball nice and straight off the fairway.

Stand-out features include

  • The Jailbreak Technology allows for greater energy transfer between the clubhead and the ball.
  • The one-of-a-kind Flash face gives you a full-throttle ball speed that you just wouldn’t get with less precision-designed clubs.
  • The lightness of the clubhead gives the Callaway Epic Flash that unparalleled forgiveness. If you are a beginner or want to upgrade from your hybrid club, you can’t go far wrong with this one!

Best Fairway Wood for Forgiveness

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One look at this machine will immediately conjure up images of classic sports cars – well, that’s intentional! Cobra has designed these colorful transformers to look like cars we know and love in the showrooms.

But what about features? Well, as with the F8, it has a real diversity of materials making up the head: polymer crown trips to make the head lighter with a titanium sole to enhance durability. This head is engineered to work with the natural airflow around the club, reducing drag and making it incredibly aerodynamic.

For those with a high handicap, this club frames the ball perfectly upon striking, giving the striker that confidence and assurance that they can increase their accuracy with every thwack of the ball.

Stand-out features include

  • This club does not disappoint on any front. With a premium address on the fairway, this ball is a reliable performer, whether as a low spin or a forgiving driver, this one will give the new golfer everything they need.
  • The adjustable loft sleeve will provide the user with all the control and none of the weight. It also had an interchangeable rear weight in the head, in case you fancy some more power in your delivery.
  • An affordable and good-looking club, this for anyone who wants to make a real impact on the fairway.

All You Have to Know Before Getting the Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

Best Fairway Woods For High Handicappers Guide

If you are a high handicapper, then it’s important to consider the fact that you aren’t going to hit the ball dead center with every swing, so you need a club that will accommodate that deficiency.

Some golfers do use a fairway wood to tee off, but the most valuable attribute of a fairway is for those multiple shots you need to take to get it to the green. So what are the most important things to look for in your first fairway wood?


Forgiveness is how much wriggle room a club gives you for those off-center shots. Mainly this is determined by the surface area of the clubface – a wider surface area and natural curvature at the edges of a clubface will keep the trajectory of the shot relatively straight. This is considered part of the club’s ‘forgiveness’.

However, the weight and materials used to make the club are also a large factor in its forgiveness. A mixture of lightweight and durable materials will contribute to the power, accuracy and control of a shot. A titanium sole, for example, will give you a lot more reliability over multiple shots in one game.

However, emphasizing a club’s forgiveness can detract from it’s driving power. If you alter the weight inside the club head, that will affect how it swings. As you develop a style, you will need to consider which clubs will suit you better.


The main purpose of a fairway wood is to give you distance, if it fails to do this, then there’s little point in having one in your golf kit.

A club with a forcible moment of inertia and a lower spin will give you a long drive with a lower swing. The moment of inertia is the amount of twist on the impact of the ball on the club. The easiest way to increase your distance is by getting a fairway wood that features a thin clubface.


Loft is an important feature while getting fairway woods for beginners and high handicappers. The rule is simple – the higher the loft, it’s easier to hit with a full power which will make your game comparably better. If you’re just starting with golf, we can’t recommend getting a higher loft enough as it will keep your game on point.

Shaft Length

The length of the shaft depends on your playing style. For instance, if you’re aiming to produce higher clubhead speed, then go with a longer shaft. The 3-woods usually feature longer shafts, higher loft and club number.

On the other hand, 5-woods feature higher loft along with a shorter shaft which is ideal for producing a perfect launch angle and speed.

What are the benefits of fairway woods for high handicappers?

Benefits of Fairway woods for High Handicappers & Beginners

Now when you understand golf clubs and the importance of fairway woods, it’s time to discuss the benefits and see if your investment will be justified.

The most important thing about why new golfers and high handicappers get fairway woods is increased forgiveness. As you’ve seen through this guide, the forgiveness is higher when the clubhead is bigger, and fairway woods achieve exactly that!

Basically, it will be way easier to hit the ball with a full swing, achieve a longer distance, and more precise shots.

Final Verdict

Starting with golf, like anything else, can be tough at beginnings as there are many things that can improve your game. If you’re a senior or just starting out, then picking a fairway wood for high handicappers will improve your precision, speed and distance drastically.

We’ve covered a few fairway woods for beginners on the market, and our definitive winner is TaylorMade M4 Fairway Wood. It features a variety of technology that helps you with launching and forgiving. You can expect to increase a distance and ball speed using this affordable fairway wood.


Best Fairway Woods For High Handicap FAQs

Center shafter putter FAQ

In truth, if you are a high handicapper, you will probably want both a fairway wood and a hybrid in your golf bag. However, due to price constraints, we understand that this might not always be possible.

Hybrids were designed for those who might be intimidated by the long shafts of the fairways. Being shorter, they allow for greater control but possess less impact power.

With a much harder loft, a fairway will drive the ball a lot farther than a hybrid and should generally be used for tee-off shots.

Loft is the determinant factor in the trajectory and distance of the ball after you have hit it. If you have a high loft, then you have a high ball trajectory and therefore a shorter ball distance.

The shaft is the neck of the club and it is often determined by the number of the club and the loft. A 3 wood will have a longer shaft to drive the weight of a heavier head into the air. A 5 wood is a greater loft with a lighter head, so it requires a shorter shaft to do the work of driving the ball into the air.