Golf ball technology has come a long way over the years, most brands offer a two piece, three piece, four piece and even five piece ball! So we understand how hard it is to find the one that’s right for your game. We’ve done the work for you and taken the guessing part out of the equation. Check out some of our best reviews below.

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The majority of golf balls will lose spin, trajectory, and velocity in cold weather, which will all affect your overall performance. Obviously, this is not desirable, which is why it’s important to use golf balls better suited to low temperatures to lessen these effects.
It can be pretty frustrating when you have a slow swing speed and aren’t able to reach further distances. We get it, we’ve all been there! Thankfully you don’t need to worry any more, as so many golf manufacturers actually create equipment to help cater to those with slower swing speeds.
So you’ve got a high handicap? You may be trying to lower your handicap to get some better scores. We’ve all been there before! You may already have the right clubs to help aid you in lowering your handicap, but having the right golf balls can make all the difference to your game too! The only issue is that there are simply just so many golf balls on the market that it can sometimes be difficult to know just what you need for your game.
So you’re a mid handicapper around the 15 handicap and you’re looking to improve your performance and lower that score. Of course, having the right golf equipment to help you on your golf journey can be a huge asset in improving your performance. You may have all of your drivers and irons at the ready, but you just haven’t quite found that perfect golf ball yet.
They say that the expert in anything was once a beginner. While that may be true, when you’re just starting out in golf all you want is to improve and start getting better handicaps. Until you get the experience to really take your game to the next level, getting the right golf equipment to aid you can be a massive benefit to improving your performance.
A low spin golf ball is designed to reduce side spin and produce longer, straighter drives. Check out our top picks to help you find the perfect low spin ball.
There are a lot of golf balls on the market today. Every day it seems as though more new technology is developed to really make golfers improve their game. If you are an average golfer you may be ready to upgrade to some new golf balls that can really help you to enhance your game, and a set that will reflect your skill.
What does it take to be the best golf ball for seniors? Mostly, it’s the use of logic, design and science in developing golf balls that help seniors make the most of their game. That sounds like a generalization when you first hear it. But there are golf balls that can especially help deal with some of the common pitfalls that beset golfing seniors – golf balls that have more upkick, softer balls for control around the green, golf balls that deliver great distance with slower swing speeds and so on.
10 handicap golfers are considered better than the average player, but not quite at a professional level. Being so close to the goal of becoming a single handicap golfer must be an inspiring feeling – you’ll want to do anything you possibly can to get even better. This includes finding any equipment that may help you to get to that next level, such as gloves, optimized clubs, and golf balls.
If you’re a female player, you may find that you have a lower swing. Therefore, you’ll get the best out of your game if you go for golf balls that are targeted towards helping to improve your speed, distance, and accuracy, which will ultimately optimize your performance out on the greens.
A decent set of golf balls doesn’t necessarily need to be an expensive investment, and if you take a little bit of time to think about what it is you need a golf ball to do for you and how it will help enhance your game, you can still find some amazing options available that won’t break the bank.
A slice shot is when the ball loses energy while being propelled forward and ends up curving to the right or left. However, by choosing a golf ball that has been specifically designed to help reduce any side-spin and curvature, you’ll be able to enjoy a more successful round of golf out on the greens, as well as lower scores!
The Titleist Pro series is widely considered the pinnacle of golf ball technology. The pro’s know this as well which is why close to half of all pros have a V1 or V1x as their go to for tournament play! But what is the difference? In this article we go over the differences between the Titleist Pro V1 and V1x and then we put them to the test to see how they really shape up.