There is more to golfing than just clubs and balls. In this section we go over some of the best equipment we think every golfer should have on the course.

Accessory Posts
During the warm summer months, having a favorite sport that requires you to wear numerous layers of clothing is always a real drag. But having to wear layers made out of leather in such heat? Well, we can't imagine anything worse!
The grip is an essential asset in golf. If you have less control over your golf swing, then you can find yourself bucking that crucial tee-off, cutting a ball sideways, losing loft when you need it the most, or, at its very worst, getting your ball wedged in a sandtrap.
When you’re looking to enjoy more of the fresh air when you’re out on the golf course, instead of taking a vehicle to your next location why not invest in a golf push cart? Golf push carts are an easy way to transport your gear from one place to another while still staying out in the open. 
Attempting to play a game of golf amidst a downpour or series of heavy winds can be rather off-putting and unappealing. Aside from trying to focus on the game itself, you have the added challenge of the adverse weather conditions, however, this struggle can be eliminated if you have the right umbrella to hand.  Many factors contribute to a robust and durable golf umbrella. If you are a little uncertain as to which umbrella is best for your needs, we have selected our top five picks of the best golf umbrellas on the market.
So you’ve got your clubs, your best golf balls, your gloves and everything else you can possibly need to make for a great game of golf. But wait – what about your shoes? You can’t just wear any pair of shoes for golf! Of course, you can if you want to, but golf shoes are designed to help ensure that you get the most out of your game. Thus, it is essential to have a great pair of waterproof golf shoes, especially for when you’re on a muddy golf course or when it starts to rain.
A golfing towel is a vital accessory while out on the course. Unlike tennis towels, in which players use the towel to wipe the sweat off their necks and forearms, towels for golf are made to keep your drivers and clubs mud-free.
The grip is one of the most important, yet often the most overlooked, part of the golf club, as it is the only point of contact between golfer and golf ball. Having a firm grip on the club will dramatically affect your swing. An improper swing will almost certainly affect how far the ball is driven down the fairway.
There are lots of ways to improve your golf at home, at the office, or in a cabin in the woods. Because there’s so very much that can go wrong between the tee and the putt, there are lots of aids on the market to help improve one or more areas of your play. That means there are a few things to consider before you buy.